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This game is unbelievably unfair!

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I don’t understand how this game can be so damn good in comparison to other games that it feels unfair! I’m over 60 hours in, HR 14, just to the quest to hunt Nergigante, and I still feel like I am learning and improving. Not only that, but 60 hours in and I still want to play!! That’s huge for me!

A bit about me, I’m 40, a husband, father, and have a career. Growing up and being responsible means you have way less time for games. It doesn’t lessen my love or desire for gaming but it impacts my free time to engage in my favorite pass time. I’ve played a lot of different game types and few can hold my attention or dedication of time for 60 hours. This game makes me come back again and again.

The game isn’t perfect, I know that, but it’s hard to find anything to seriously be unhappy about. There’s still tons of things for me to do and I actually ENJOY doing them! There’s nothing in this game that I don’t like doing. What’s more, there’s so many fun activities that I haven’t invested enough time in simply because there’s so many options! Like fishing, searching for rare endemic life, or learning more of the weapons!! All of these things and more draw me and I have to pick and choose what I spend my time doing. Compare that to the open world type games that tout hours and hours of game time but are usually full of boring and repetitive side stuff that just turns into irritating chores.

Add to that the challenge! The game is tough! Not all the time or every monster, but it can be very challenging and different weapons play completely different and demand totally different attack styles. I loved the soulsborne games and they are one of the few types of games that hold my interest to the end of the game and while the story in those games might be better I actually enjoy the combat in MHW as much or more! The monsters are so diverse too! Bazelgeuse is a really different fight than Rathalos even though the monsters are relatively similar in a lot of ways. It keeps me coming back again and again to get better against monsters I’ve previously killed and to face new challenges.

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The free dlc and content and updates are also top notch! What more can we ask from our games? When most games are pushing for more money, micro transactions, Nickle and dimeing is players more and more, they are giving away content. Most of it is just fun crossover stuff but it’s well done and interesting. And then Deviljho? For free? What the fu*k!? That is amazing. Just amazing and totally unfair to other gaming companies.

I had heard about The Monster Hunter series but never had the right gaming console and didn’t own handheld devices. When MHW was announced I bought MH4U to play on my kids 3DS to practice for it. I knew the game would be good. I had a ton of faith in it. I told my brother and his friends who game that it would be awesome. I pushed them to play the beta. Most of them disliked the beta but I still pushed them because I knew it was a poor representation of the game. Now 3 out of 4 of them have been obsessed with it and have spent way more time playing it than I have been able to. It’s just unfairly over the top amazingly good!

I could go on and on but will end this now. I am just amazed at how good this game is and it seriously feels unfair how good t is. I think about playing something else and do on occasion but every time I fire MHW up, I feel like it’s wasted time playing anything else. I still have so much to do!!

Thank you Capcom. For making such an awesome game on the PS4. For bringing it to the west and taking a chance on what has been a niche Eastern title in the past. Thank you for staying true to what makes monster hunter what it is and not sacrificing depth for the masses (even though I know there have been some changes most people agree they were necessary and even needed for the series). Thank you for being so generous, thoughtful, and dedicated to greate such an amazing game.

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