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This game made me realize how easily I can get distracted…

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So I recently killed the final boss, cool monster, lots of HP and AoE, I was a coward and ended up taking 45 minutes before I decided to make Meowscular Chef proud and just slashed at those legs like crazy.

Anyway, after the credits I checked the Smithy to drool over the new hot stuff I could wear, then I saw the final Vaal Hazak Hammer and had a flashback of me spinning and winning in Bloodborne with the Hunter's Axe. I needed that Hammer. I had the Xeno mats, I even had the Vaal Gem, I just needed 1 more tail and 2 more talons… and the previous upgrade… So 6 talons, 1 tail and 5 fangs…

I suck at Vaal Hazak, I hate the gas thing, I hate his gas beam, and I hate his tail hitbox that hits me everytime. So I thought "maybe I would have a better time at breaking his face and legs with a Gunlance?" Needed some Rathian and Pink Rathian mats for that Level 4 Burst Fire, but I wanted it to be easy.

"Dragon damage… the first Nergigante Bow should be enough, just gotta farm him a couple of times." And I did, getting less rewards from missing my Superman dive when he pulls a Bazel crashland on me.

Before I could get the last few Nergi mats I needed, the Xeno'Jiiva quest appeared, and I wanted to give it a go, but I heard using the Lance is easier with him, so I opened the dusty Lance upgrade tree I hadn't touched in weeks and saw the final Vaal Hazak Lance and had a flashback of me poking beasts to death with the Rifle Spear in Bloodborne (jk that thing sucks).

Still, I needed that Lance so I could kill Xeno so I could resume farming Nergi for the Bow to farm Rathian&Co. for the Gunlance to farm… Vaal Hazak. For its Hamme. Full circle and didn't realize. I love it.

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