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This is how you SHOULD use hacks in MH

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Hacking is not necessarily a bad thing, given that MH doesn't have any training monsters with reduced/no attack. Training against N/T/AT elder dragons/LV140s/Deviant Exes can be very ineffective (1). In this paper, we introduce you an efficient way to train against any monsters. Rule of thumb: NEVER use it online; use it ONLY to learn monster moves/positioning and iframes.

1 Introduction

Monster Hunter is an amazing series with a relatively high skill cap. Players need to learn every monster in depth to master the game. The efficiency of the training method has therefore become very important. Traditional training involves doing a normal quests repeatedly. It does have its merits, but with the advancement of hacks, a much more efficient method has emerged.

Note that it's very possible to kill some monsters in a reasonably fast time with little training, or not thoroughly knowing the monster. The training is for understanding the monster inside out and understanding literally ALL his attacks' properties, and ALL the bad situations that can happen. This paper emphasizes CONSISTENCY. If it's not for you, stop reading.

The layout of the rest of the paper is as follows. In Section 3, we briefly discuss the reasoning for hacking. Section 4 elaborates on the training method. We show the toolchain in Seciont 6. Section 5 presents some personal experiments. Section 7 summarizes the paper.

2 Why hacking

People hate hacks. What's the fun when some randoms OHKO every monster? What's the fun when others use overpowered gear that mismatches their HR to trivialize hunts? Absolutely no fun! However, if used in the right way, hacks can be an incredible effective tool to aid the training.

The traditional way of training against an unfamiliar monster in MH is to go on a quest. There are a few problems with this. First, you WILL get hit. Second, you WILL need to heal up/deal with getting knocked out and comboed to death. Third, the second point WASTES time. Fourth, some monsters have ults which likely OHKO, if players fail to dodge and die, it's a massive waste of time to come back from the base camp/to start another quest.


Hacking solves all the problems with traditional training. By simply gaining infinite health. Point 1 does not apply anymore. Moreover, players would be more encouraged to experiment with different positioning/blind spots/timing on heavy attacks, which enables them to discover/learn faster. We discuss the detailed training method in the next section.

3 Training method

  1. Turn on infinite health.
  2. Make sure each session lasts as long as possible. You can enrage the monster and stop attacking it and repeat. E.g. If you primarily train for dodging certain attacks, stand still and let the attack happen, then try to time the roll.
  3. For monsters with multiple phases such as Nergigante, training exclusively against the last phase is crucial as it gains extra moves. You can rekt it till it limps away, and repeat step 2. I managed to make Nergigante's last phase last ~25 minutes.
  4. And learn the monster the way you would, but be brave now to try to iframe / experiment with everything.
  5. Repeat step 1 – 4 till you know the monster inside out.

4 Toolchain

In this section, we show the tools that made the technique possible in 3 major games.

Prerequisite: uninstall GCC, use Clang.

For MHW, use Fling's +46 Trainer. Make sure you download from a credible source.

For MH4U, make a custom quest where monsters do 1 damage.

For MHGU/XX, use NTR and the cheat plugin on 3DS. SX players can use the remote hacking tool provided by Atomsphere CFW.

5 Experiments

Personal experience only. I have done Nergigante a lot before. He usually takes me 4-6 min with IG. But even after those runs, I'm still unsure about how some of his attacks work and sometimes accidents happen. I wanna make sure I can handle him under any circumstances. In my first Nergigante hack run, I learned a lot of things that I wouldn't have even attempted otherwise such as trying to iframe his ult and flying hand slam/ trying to iframe his head slam + spikes (yep both are iframable, even in front of his head), deliberately getting myself into & saving myself from some really bad situations.

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Apparently traditional training method also allows the player to learn things mentioned above. The point is using hacks makes it much faster.

I also used similar techniques in 4U and XX/GU. Made me learn some 140s/Devs really fast.

6 Conclusion

Use hacks, use them, abuse them! They make you learn faster! &Always remember the rule of thumb.



Nice! I successfully turned a 3-sentences post into a paper, in under 30 min. I'm sure it's gonna be accepted by SOSP19 🙂

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