Monster Hunter World

This probably wont impress most of you but im proud of it :)

MonsterHunterWorld5 - This probably wont impress most of you but im proud of it :)

(on mobile, so forgive formatting) I'm still fairly new to the game, (picked it up a long time ago to play with a friend but they never really got around to playing so I finally started playing on my own) barely did the first pukei pukei hunt quest, but I was hunting for mushrooms in an optional quest and I did something I'm really proud of. I had just stepped out of the camp and was gathering some herbs when a great jagras came out of nowhere to jump me and I just laid into it hard. I was using my sword and shield that turns into a giant axe (charge axe?) And I took it down so fast that it didn't even get a chance to run away, I timed all my phials just right and had a really good combo going, and taking down something that I had struggled with in the past that fast made me really happy as I was harvesting the parts. 🙂


I realize it's probably not that big a deal and as I play the game I'll probably look back at this and just be like meh, I could totally do that, but as of late night I was excited and felt like sharing.


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