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This whole EJ thing has made me question myself as a hunter and even in my irl life.

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - This whole EJ thing has made me question myself as a hunter and even in my irl life.

By and large, I have been adamantly in the camp of ''EJ is bad design and stressful'' and for the most part I still am. However, over the last few days I've noticed some things and thought about some things that have really made me start to question what I guess you might call my general attitude in dealing with the whole thing.

I remember I was talking to someone about bloodbath diablos and they were telling me ''the fight is completely unfair and not fun'' (sound familiar?). I asked them why and their response was ''you're forced to wear earplugs!'' Now here I was completely ready to humor this guy – I mean it is a pretty tough fight – and then he says that. That bothered me. In this game that existed for 15 years, which is built on this system of mixing up armor pieces to activate skill effects, this guy thought it was unfair that the ultra super final boss of the title celebrating the whole series requires you to wear ONE SINGLE SKILL?

I was mad.

That makes me wonder, even though I still think it should've been implemented different – is the anger of players that like EJ the same as mine when someone downplayed the bloodbath fight like that? Further, I've noticed an unnerving trend. There are players that come on here and complain, not all but some, that don't seem to be willing to mix up their build at all – just like earplugs guy. I've seen a few too many people complaining about not being able to pass this fight, yet wearing full safi with no points in HB. I actually told one guy to use HB when he said he was having trouble and you know what this guy had the coconuts to tell me? ''it doesn't fit in my build''. i.e. ''I don't want to change a single one of my skills to adjust to this fight''. That is false and there is evidence. The devs went out of their way with rex arms, god jang pants, and a TON of really good combined skill decos to make HB3 a no brainer… as if it wasn't already an extremely cheap and easy to slot in skill anyways. Is it fine to not use it? Absolutely, make the game as challenging as you want – but don't complain about dying when you're using the armor that actively HURTS you, and refusing to use the best survivability skill the series has ever offered. The only players that can't fit HB3 are speed runners. You can't play like a speed runner and complain about difficulty. (nothing wrong with actual speed runners of course.)


It seems so exactly the same as my anger about bloodbath.

Right now I'm playing through world again, and I caught a line from the huntsman that made me reconsider my whole attitude about life. ''It is our competitive spirit that betters us as rivals and hunters.'' He then audibly says ''I'm thankful.'' That made me think – for some people this really might be all they've wanted out of the game, because they want that feeling of improvement. That feeling of rivalry. Now the outspoken ''git gud or go play minecraft'' people can kindly fuck off, but for some people it might be legitimately hurtful that people hate this move so much. It got me thinking, maybe that's why I've hit a wall not just in game skill, but in life. I only ever try to improve myself relative to myself. Maybe a healthy competitive nature, not elitism but a genuine desire for friendly competition, is just something I need to acquire. I do still think more thought should've been put in to EJ, but perhaps that general philosophy of pushing players to be better might not be so bad if implemented better.

I don't really have a good end for this, its just been keeping me up at night.

TL;DR : Alatreon made me have an existential crisis but not in the way you'd expect.

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