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Thoughts on equipment to farm before going into Iceborne

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Thoughts on equipment to farm before going into Iceborne

So I haven’t seen any posts like this yet, here’s my ideas on the subject

Definitely farm:

Drachen Armor.

It’s the best armor set right now, so I imagine it will still be solid enough to get you started on master rank. Of course all the AT elder armors are worth looking into as well.

Deviljho Weapons

These are almost all solid, and even the ones that aren’t necessarily top of the line are still considered pretty good (save maybe the charge blade, buts it’s still pretty decent and I feel like the buffs charge blade are getting will benefit it greatly. Plus the buzzsaw effect of the savage slash will look awesome on it.) I also believe the Deviljho melee weapons are prime choices to get purple sharpness, although you might need handicraft to reach that point. Also, they all look good.


See Deviljho weapons.

Great Jagras weaponry.

The great Jagras weapons managed to stay relevant through most of the game, especially the melee ones. They are also easy to farm and upgrade. That may be good for starting master rank and your current equipment isn’t quite cutting it, and you need a half decent master rank weapon. They also have better sharpness than the Diablos weapons do while still having decent raw.

Maybe Farm:

Legiana Weapons

Legiana is getting a variant in the form of Shrieking Legiana. And ice isn’t a terrible element to have even right now. They will probably get outdone by Velkhana weaponry for endgame. A few Legiana Melee weapons can get white sharpness already, so I can see some of them getting purple sharpness for master rank.


Anjanath weapons:

Well he was fairly important to worlds story, and marketing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an Anjanath variant. Otherwise most Anjanath weapons are at least kinda decent, though usually outdone by Rathalos weapons, and even sometimes Uragaan. Which by the way are probably decent options to farm as well.



Not like they are bad weapons to have anyways. Not hard to imagine master rank nergigante equipment being good to great.

Vaal Hazak weapons

See Nergigante.

Not sure


So as of right now, a great many people like these as the best raw. But in my opinion they have terrible sharpness that handicraft doesn’t always fix. They certainly do the job right now, but I’m not sure how well they will fare in Master rank.

Kulve taroth

A good deal many of the best weapons in the game come from this fight, but it remains to be seen if they will be upgradeable. If they are, they will likely remain popular choices. If not, they will get left in the dust in master rank.

So those were some ideas I’ve been thinking. Let me know if you have any other recommendations, or disagree with my opinions

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