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I recently picked up World since I’ve been itching to play it ever since it came out, and only recently had the time to do so. I’ve been a die hard MH fan since my first game (tri) and played all the subsequent titles since (TriU, 4, 4U, MHG, MHGU), and have logged around 600 hours for every MH game I’ve played. I was quite excited to play World, but I’ve found it to be underwhelming in certain aspects with some design choices I've found to be rather disappointing. There's probably been similar complaints since this game is three years old, but I wanted to give my spin on it.

Music The music so far has been underwhelming, to say the least. From the
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, to the

, to the

theme, I haven't found one that I actually enjoyed listening to, save for the



The only reason I complain about the music is due to the amazing music of the previous generations. Give a listen to


, or

. Compared to other MH games, the music in World sounds muted and lame; gone are the bombastic beats that define Monster Hunter's soundtrack to be replaced with music that is passable at best and mediocre at worst.

I also decided to take a sneak and listen to some of the late game soundtracks and I really feel that Capcom messed up with some of the old monster’s remixes, specifically Teostra’s.

As for other monsters, such as the Rajang and Zinogre, their new themes are a welcome addition, but they're missing the dynamic range and sound of the old themes that made the fights so visceral and intense.





Also, I’ve found the music to pretty quiet in general, and had to turn down the voices and sfx volume to actually enjoy and hear the music in the game. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, or its just me.

Since MH music really is one of my favorite parts of this franchise, here are a couple of other gems that I love.

Side tracking again, I’ve always wished that some of the main monster hunter games could match the absolute greatness that is the Frontier Ost. Here's just a couple of my favorites:


This one is pretty nitpicky, but I’ve found the sfx to be worse in every aspect compared to older games.


(you can also hear the difference in item obtained sfx)




Wheres my So Tasty? 🙁

Another side note, I feel that World removed some of the charm that the earlier games possessed, the muted color scheme and removal of the flex (I know some people disliked this, but it punished bad players by making healing not free action, you had to commit and learn the monsters moves to heal. Also, its hilarious.)

All the weapons too, I found to sound less meaty and powerful.

Capcom has also tweaked the monster roars, some of which I also find to be a downgrade.


Rathian Old v

Rajang Old v New





While one could argue that the new roars sound more “realistic,” I really do miss how unique the older roars sounded.


Very little complaints for here since World is a complete step up from every other MH game. From the updated monsters, to the world locale, everything looks great… except…for the colors. I mentioned this earlier briefly, but the color scheme in world is very muted. Comapre screenshots from World:
Coral Highlands are truly gorgeous, but just imagine how amazing it would look with stronger colors.

To older Gens:

And I know the OG MH games had a dark color scheme as well, but I really do prefer and brighter and more colorful MH. I understand that Capcom wanted, again, a “realistic” look to World compared to other titles, but Monster hunter has never really been grounded to begin with.

This is pretty subjective, but I find the new monster designs to be extremely generic. Anjanath looks like something out of a new Jurassic Park movie, the Great Jargas and Tobi-Kadachi aren't particularly interesting at all and the Radobaan just seems like the designers got lazy and slapped a random assortment of spikes on an Uragaan. People will also probably disagree with this, but I find Nergigante generic as well, with his massively over sized horns looking completely ridiculous.

On the other hand the Bazelgeuse and Legiana both look fantastic and a perfect fit in the MH world, so kudos to the designers there.

And this has been said to death, but I wanted to mention it since it such a bummer: World's weapon designs are doodoo.


I love the huge connected maps, its something I always wanted since my first MH game; problem is I found them a little annoying to navigate through, especially on the first time. Some of the maps, such as the Ancient Forest seem unnecessarily confusing and maze-like; impossible to navigate through the first time without scout-files.


There so much to say about this, but this post sums up exactly how I feel regarding to MHW’s multiplayer

Other Grievances

-The Handler is annoying.

-Zorah Magdaros is objectively one of the most boring boss fights, ever.

-I’ve also been a bit hesitant to pick up Iceborne as well, since I've seen A LOT of criticism for the clutch claw and the overall difficulty of the game (to the point where it's unfun).


I really do love Monster Hunter, but found this game to be inferior in many ways compared to past games (graphics, turf wars, and various QoL improvements aside). Really, what made me write this post was wanting to know what others enjoyed so much about monster hunter. Do any of these changes bother you at all (or am I just struck with nostalgia for the older games)?

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