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Time to get a bit real now. Why I’ll truly remember this game. (Long read)

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I've been gaming for 20 years now, it's been one of the true constants in my life when so many other things have come and gone. Most games never leave a huge impression on me really and I end up moving on almost immediately, but then some games I'll never forget, not particularly to do with the game itself, but what's happening in my life.

Metal Gear Solid 1- introduced me to the medium and showed me how creative, innovative and bold you can be. It inspired me to become more creative, pursuing video games and film as a hobby and eventually lead to me studying media and script writing. Not bad considering I was 5 when I first played it.

Devil May Cry- I played this around the time I was in my final years of primary school, I'd just also discovered I was on the autistic spectrum and was stressed when I felt and was treated different to everyone else. Watching Dante goof off and deal with such overbearing odds with ease just… Helped.

Bloodborne- Cut to my time at university, trying to get through deadlines, worrying about money and being an adult. I picked up Bloodborne after being disappointed with MGSV, and I'm glad I did. It changed how I saw the medium just like the original MGS did, and inspired me both creatively and helped me in my confidence as it kinda became the link to myself and my now first Girlfriend and we've been together for two years now.

And now it brings me to Monster Hunter.

Things are about to get super real now.

This might be the most stressful period of my life right now, my mother is ill, my nan is ill, my girlfriend is going through something similar and we are desperate to find a home for ourselves. There's a real sense of weight on my head and i worry every day. I guess that's being an adult.

So where does Monster Hunter fit in? Well my GF and I watch E3 every year now, and I remember seeing the trailer for MHW for the first time and immediately being impressed. Capcom are my favourite Developer, but I never had the chance to properly play Monster Hunter. I followed the games development and was excited to play the Beta, I hammered it and knew immediately this would be a purchase day one.


Then all the problems in my life started to begin, I lost my job, my mum fell ill and is still recovering, my girlfriend became depressed, my nan fell ill. The beginning of this year was incredibly tough, I received a payment check from a Xmas temp job I had, not a lot but enough for me to buy a game. I saw MHW was released and went for that.

Throughout all the problems I am dealing with, I had just a few hours a day were I could relax and forget about it all, all my pent up anxiety, all my frustration, it all eased when I discovered a new monster to fight, got better with the mechanics, saw my character change and adapt to the new challenges ahead. Seeing my GF adore the new monsters we would discover made us both feel better over time. And though I'm still stressed and things are still bad. I want to thank Capcom for this wonderful game. And thank you guys for this Reddit. I hope this made sense and wasn't a jumbled mess, just wanted to get this off my chest.

Bonus. My edge lord character Ludwig. Only slightly based on Guts I swear.

Double bonus.

Nicknames we gave some of the monsters.

Great Jagras – Whoopie Goldberg

Tobi-Kadachi – Toby Jones, Toby McGuire, Tobes.

Anjanath- Grandma

Kulu-Yaku – Kevin Hart, Little Racoon bird.

Barroth – Big Dumb Mud Pup, Barry.

Paolumu – The fluff, Mark Ruffalo.

Tai – Flash Bangs, Ma Boi.

Legiuna – Metal Gear Ray

Odagoron – Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Randy Orton

Dodogoma – GF says he is me… Cheers hon..

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