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I wanted to create a checklist for people browsing through this subreddit because I'm getting tired of the countless failures which lead to a rather quick end of one of the most epic hunts Capcom has created. Those are intended for hunters without a squad like myself, because I assume squads are way more coordinated than a bunch of randoms.

General rule:

Study the monsters movements. I know it's obvious but I've seen countless IG users spiraling into several of Behemoths attacks or clueless hunters who wake it up before someone could even think about bombing him. If you can't do that. Why do you even play MH in the first place?

Specific rules regarding weapon types:

IG: Mount it, but hold R2 as long as you can without falling down so the rest has a oppurtunity for maximum damage output without worrying of getting hit by Behemoth. Bring that thing down when your stamina bar is nearly depleted.

Ranged Weapon Users: Use the environment. Especially the crystal on the ceiling in the first area you fight in. Also you're the best way to get it to sleep. Dew it.

Lance: You are the Tank and you're doing a great job!

Rest: Do what you can do best and don't die.

Essencial Items to bring & Rules:


Always bring 3 Lifepowder Including 10 godbugs and 10 blue mushrooms in order to create 10 more lifepowders if you use up the original 3.



Use the moment he doesn't move to attack it while the hunter targeted by Behemoth runs to the edge of the area so the tornado won't be a nuisance.


Bring everything you can to enhance the attack power and defense of you and your fellow hunters!


First of all don't place it on the edge of the area or near where you fight Behemoth. Keep in mind he can destroy them so find the right place to take cover when he casts his 1-Hit KO meteor. Always have in mind where they land and stay as close to it as you can without getting Behemoth to destroy it. If you are too far away it's game over! I can't remember how many times I failed the quest because someone didn't stand behind the meteor or in a wrong angle and got hit by the last attack (which is the last one after it dies if I'm correct).


If the Rangers manage to put it to sleep bomb the f*ck out of it! Except for the fight in the first area. Try to place Behemoth under the crystal on the ceiling, then put him to sleep and then hit him with the crystal instead of bombing it.

This whole thing is written by a non-native speaker right after a mental break down caused by incompetent hunters. With this said I may excuse myself for any incorrect information may it be due to my lack of english skills or insufficient knowledge about the game. I'll update this post according to the community's response.

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