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Tips for fighting Lunastra.

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If you were like me you were probably frustrated by the amount of damage she did on top of all the damage she has lingering all over the field. And if that wasn't bad enough flashes don't knock her down and her nova is in waves rather than a single explosion. Well today i'm going to give you tips on how to deal with her.

Bring as much fire resistance as you can. I run with 38. 20 lets you ignore fireblight (burning.) Cool drinks and heat guard share the same effect. But they stack as well. If you have only one or the other it lets you walk around on her fire puddles to take no damage. But if you stack both you can be near her while she's on fire and her aura won't hurt her. Also bring a fire proof mantle. Does much the same things (aside from negating her fire aura damage) and is good to have as a cover if your cool drink runs out. Or just for reducing fire damage in general.

Second equipment wise you can use the temporal mantle (dodges any attack directed at you) or health booster for the negation of DoT. I prefer the mantle since it lets you continue to do a helm splitter even if you're swiped at.


Another great skill to minorly invest in is windproof. Specifically level 2. This lets you Ignore the "blast back" effect of her nova waves that make your character stagger constantly. Kushala pieces are actually a pretty good choice since you get wind proof, evade buffs, and ice damage which she's weak to. Speaking of skills if you're a lance user you'll want to get guard up. It lets you block her nova waves (though you'll still take the DoT damage) and some of her other fire based attacks. If possible try to gain white sharpness. lets you hit her and not bounce when she's got her fire aura on.


Some misc tips. Flashes are still useful. if she's airborne and you flash her she sets down and does her nova explosion. You can do this to deal with nova on your terms. Just flash and get out of range. Flash pods will interrupt her bond with teostra. Crystal bursts are a good pick up as well. As they can flinch her out of her powering up her aura and her starting her nova. Not to mention they can pop the flaming tornado she can make with kushala and also put out the fires she leaves.

Bring astera jerky. They heal all of your red bar health. very useful if hit by a nova. If you do get knocked down by nova stay down. let the game pick you up on it's own. You should avoid all the waves of her nova.

That's all folks!

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