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Tips on how to fight Kulve and get max rewards.

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I've seen a lot of people (including people in my lobby and group sometimes) confused on exactly what to do.

The way my team runs it, we get level 17 (max) rewards, and run through it twice, not three times.

First, it helps if you have a full lobby, but we were able to do it with 3 groups easily too. The first run, you guys prioritize tracks. Every single player needs to grab 10+ tracks from what we've seen. Not sure on the number but grab them all. This is what gets pursuit up. Other teams can boost your pursuit level which is why everyone grabs them. WAIT for every team to get back so your pursuit level goes up from theirs before starting your second run!

Second, don't use cannons or the boulders above Kulve. From what I've seen, there is a damage threshold that gets her to break her gold plating and you do not want this to happen early. Dropping boulders and shooting cannons can damage her but not the parts you want to.

Instead, focus on the forearms or hindlegs. In the second area (the first actual area where she fights you right after the pathways she takes) is where you really get to do damage. Break those horns first. The reason I don't suggest it in area 1 is because it's hard while she's moving. Everyone go for the horns. You get carves so more loot and you want to break the gold plated horns for points to increase max reward level. If you have a gunner who can fire sleep 2 ammo, it's three shots to put her to sleep, and this lets everyone put their mega boms so 8 bombs on her horns. Make sure to wake her up with the bombs not an attack. I had a GS user trying to use his TCS but the bombs do less damage if he hits her first and the bombs don't. If you don't, goldie gakas drop throwing knives. Bring sleep herbs get 5 knives and craft sleep knives to make her sleep. Hit all knives.

After the horns are off, I like to focus on the forearms. There is a priority in what you break. Tails are the last thing you want to break. Horns and forearms are the most important. The reason you want to break horns first is because you get carves, and on the second run they break again and you get more carves AFTER you break forearms.

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So, horns, forearms, hindlegs and chest plates come naturally but if you didn't break them then do it, and left and right tail. If you can break the horns the second run again for more carves do it.


If you get her to shed her gold plating, focus on the tail. That tail is different from the golden tail and gives a lot of points for more rewards.

Return to the hub, wait for everyone. Like I said, you get their tracks to boost your pursuit level up because your team alone won't get pursuit 6 from what I've seen.

Second run, you focus on anything you didn't break in the first run. Horn chip doesn't matter because the chip comes naturally since you have to sever it to complete it. To check what you're missing, at the hub you hit R1 when you're in the sieges menu, or in the hunt hit options, R1 two or three times, at the bottom it'll say special investigations or something. That shows what you're missing. The little face icon beside the points followed by points that aren't fully filled in but have progress in it means the other teams you're with broke those parts and you got some points for it. You want most of the breaks yourself because the other teams breaks isn't max points which isn't max rewards.

The reason gold tail is low on the priority list is because it gives 30 points while forearms give 90. We've gotten max rewards once when we missed left gold tail because the other team broke it and overall we missed 20 points or so.

Other tips. Use the boulders in the third lava room. If her plating is off and it hits the tail it's an instant break at higher pursuit levels. Jump attacks are good in that room if she's beside the ledges since you can get a mount and concentrate damage again easier to break what you need. Wide range users are great, drink when someone is stuck in the lava move to counter the damage. HBG is great, sleep 2 lets you sleep her in 3 shots the first time. You can get 2 sleeps off if you use Xeno set. Sticky 3 lets you KO after 10+ shots to the head. If you aren't good at aiming or at staying alive as a HBG user, don't use it, but it is great to have a good HBG user on the team. Use your farcaster when needed to avoid damage or restock on stuff. Use your buffs! Get demon, hardshell and lifepowders.


Also using mics helps. That way you can tell people what you should target.

TL;DR Stop skipping tracks. Break things in order of which gives most points.

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