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Out of the 10 or so SOS I respond, only about 2 have someone who know about this stuff or apply it. So I wanted to just go ahead and leave it here so maybe if you're new, or just didn't know, you can now take advantage.

  1. When someone is riding the monster you have very large windows to grapple and begin softening the monster where you are completely safe. This is great to do in preparation for the knockdown. These "safe" windows are different per monster since some like to kick about. However, the majority will be relatively safe. Look for the second flinch if you're unsure, they will not fight back. Soften weak spots to ensure crits and easier monster part breaks. Dont just hit the monster, think of the group dynamic. 3 people can soften all the monster weak points before the knockdown if fast enough. That's a huge advantage.

  2. If you get knocked down, you can stay down a few seconds and look around. Monsters like to combo and while you're flat on the ground you get some awesome invulnerability. This works wonders for Luna and her BS nova or Super Saiyan ape and his death shot combo of knockdown and super slam.

  3. Upswings! If you have weapons with a knockback upswing(GS, CB, Hammer, Ect) then you have access to some nifty mechanics. You can upswing a person with a glider mantle onto a monster for easy rides, you can undo paralysis and sleep, you can even upswing someone from a dangerous situation. I've had a hammer bro who saw me about to heal upswing me off a ledge as Luna went full Nova. Also be careful though. I've had CB users knock me and other players off clutch claw grapples, even one overzealous CB user go for his axe combo and knock back two hammer bros in mid big bang combo. Know what input does the upswing and when to use it safely.

  4. Rajang. The tail weakness is only when he is enraged with glowing arms to get him out of that state. His head is a weak point. GS and Hammer users can really punish that. Dont be scared and dont bunch up the bottom when he is down. If you want to go for the tail for more safety, you need to find those windows to weaken it. His mouth beam is often a favorite but you can also grapple during his flurry swings. Just be careful since he likes to do his spin slide after when someone is close.

  5. When a monster is put to sleep, if you have bombs, dont put them over the monster. Look around first. If there is a wall nearby, place the bomb on the wall then clutch the monster into the wall. The numbers stack and you receive a guarantee knockdown for more damage.

  6. When engaging a monster shoot a slinger near them. On the floor or wall. It prompts them to get curious and will let you CC onto the their head and get that CC hit or the wall knockdown every time. Some monsters aggro on attention though, so when you can distract them depends on range and environment. You can also make them move to a preferred spot this way. Shoot the area below the falling rocks as you arrive at the Coliseum and it'll prompt the monster to move under it and give you a free falling rocks knockdown. Or just shoot the wall they are closest to and CC onto their face as their head rises in curiosity.

  7. Last one. Speaking of the Coliseum. If you have multiple monsters you can load the first canon to your left as you walk through the crawlspace and aim it at the door. Place barrels at the edge along with a trap of your choice. Now that monster is going to eat 5 canon shots and all the barrel bombs the party had to offer. NOW THAT'S A'LOTTA DAMAGE!!!

  8. When someone clutch claws and goes for the reposition, clutch claw onto the monsters legs or a weakspot for an easy and safe weaken before the fall. You have more than enough time.

These things may seem basic but a lot of the SOS runs I do have people unaware of this stuff. The "place barrels on the wall and CC them against it" is something that was new to me and I only found out after beating iceborne and a HH bro telling me after putting the monster to sleep. If anyone knows any more hidden mechanics or useful tips people dont seem to be applying in the hunts. Comment below.

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