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Here are tips for players who still don't understand certain things. Many of them are obvious but countless amount of people doing these mistakes annoys me and probably everyone. The tips are general and could be helpful for everyone hopefully.

1- When running sticky builds, make sure you know you didn't exceed the damage limit of sticky, how? Generally, having more than 500 attack is enough without artillery (including other skills like peak performance), if yours is between 450-490, artillery 3 is perfect, if you're lower than that, then using artillery 3 or 5 great. The thing is that I see people using artillery 5 while having more than 500 attack, the damage of sticky reaches the limit at between 520-550 attack, but it depends on the base damage of your weapon actually. So artillery 5 is pointless if you have really high damage, use the space for helpful skills instead.

2- Elemental phial charge blades and artillery. Although it's obvious, people still don't know that artillery doesn't affect elemental CBs, the only thing that affects your phial damage is your element so use jewels to raise and not get the pointless artillery. This one has been repeated alot but the last victim of it I saw was a guy using artillery 5 on black eagle charge blade.

3- Quick sheathe doesn't affect the LS sheathing attacks, I've tested the skill numerous times, the results were tiny fractions of seconds that probably were my fault for not timing attack combos perfectly.

4- Dung pods hardly work on elder dragons, so don't count on kicking away an ED with your dung pods.

5- Any sleep ammo, weapon ailment or anything else will not make Xeno, he can't be put to sleep at all. Safi'jiiva on the other hand can be put to sleep but it's hard however.

6- When on very low health, don't turn the camera to the opposite direction and heal hoping the monster won't attack you. Take some steps away (or not if you're really confident of yourself) and heal while looking at the monster. Not looking at the monster while running away to heal or do something else is a weird and horrible mistake people do. (kulve taorth's fire breath carting people because they didn't look at her is the thing that reminded me of this)


Now to some tips concerning Kulve Taroth:-

1- In MR, when you begin in area 2, make sure you tenderize her horns, chest, and both forelegs before flinch shotting her, 2 flinch shots will result in breaking both forelegs and chest and also takes out 5-6% of the horns health.

2-You can't clutch claw her horns when she uses her fire breath, it will blast you off her.

3- I've had people ask me why gold plating doesn't deop in area 3 or 4 (the horns just break instead). That's because when kulve taroth is released from her mantle, she sheds the gold plating with throwing it on the ground as breaking it ourselves would. (this is for MR only since breaking the gold plating in the high rank siege is a must)

4- Mounting duration, when mounting KT, don't stay on her back as it will take much longer for her to be tired and let you hit hit her, instead be always on the horns as she will bonk her head into walls usually which is a much shorter time spent before being able to hit and knock her than when being on the back. Of course, when she tries to shake you off with her horns, go to her back and go back to the horns after she stops.

5- For MR KT, again, the body slam move she makes in area 4 sure is the deadliest in the whole hunt. When facing this, first, stay away from your teammates as much as you can. How to avoid getting hit? 2 ways, either make a timed evade to dodge the attack (isn't hard to time and doesn't need evade window at all) or unsheathe your weapon and do a superman dive. If you have guard up, don't try to block it unless you have guard 4-5. If you don't have any guard skills or lower than 4 or 5, the attack will wipe out your stamina and also damage you anyway.

Thamks for reading this, it means a lot. If you have any more tips or edits on what I wrote, please leave replies.

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