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To all AT KT hunters on the console, let’s help each other out…

MonsterHunterWorld2 - To all AT KT hunters on the console, let's help each other out...

By being more efficient with our time when doing the first (i.e pursuit 1) run of the usual 2-run siege. This became an issue with the implementation of the Single-run siege condition bonus that awards 2 bonus incandescent weapons which effectively killed the old strategy of returning from quest in area 3 upon releasing KT as returning from quest will void that objective.

So, how do we be efficient with our time? By not going crazy with your weapon and damage in the first run and letting KT escape!. Ideally, you want a 16 player lobby all doing KT, and instead of dps-ing or using the cannons on her in area 1, do not attack her at all. What you want to do instead is to just follow her and collect her tracks and the gold chips from the gajalakas and let KT escape. Yes, she can escape in area 1 (via area 2 but she won't stop to fight you there) and we will all be done in about 8 minutes. It is very possible to get up to pursuit 2-3 with this strategy and with a full lobby, pursuit 4-6, then go all out in the 2nd run to break her horns.

Notice i said ideally, because realistically the chances of having this kind of coordination and understanding between all 16 hunters is very low in public lobbies. So much time have been lost with randos who insist on dps-ing KT, releasing her, and fighting her to the death in a pursuit 1 run in area 4, only to fail to break her horns and cost everyone 18 minutes.


A more realistic approach is to do area 1 normally, and try to let her escape in area 2 ending the quest in 10-12 minutes. It is possible for her to escape even with some dps-ing done but you risk releasing her, in which case the quest would be extended to around 14-ish minutes if i remember correctly. See the pattern? You want to let KT escape!

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Letting her escape early is not only time-efficient, but also safer. One of the handful of conditions of the Single-run siege bonus is to not have any Quest Fails in your first pursuit 1 run, that means no triple carting or returning from quest. The less time you spend fighting her is less chance of making mistakes and dying. I have lost so many bonuses just because thick-skulled pugs simply don't understand my pleas for them to stop attacking KT and let her escape.

I hope this helps, and do let me know what you think in the comments.

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