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To all new hunters, 5th fleeters, and people who are coming back to the series: TAKE. YOUR. TIME.

MonsterHunterWorld2 - To all new hunters, 5th fleeters, and people who are coming back to the series: TAKE. YOUR. TIME.

Making some edits to my wording based on feedback:

Please, don't rush to the end expecting there to be something there for you because that IS NOT the way Monster Hunter pans out for most people I suggest not powering through just to beat all monsters and get endgame BiS-type gear, for some people that do this they end up feeling like there wasn't much substance to the game, like there was no endgame at all. The experience of Monster Hunter that has created such an amazing and outspoken community over the years is that sense of progression, that feeling that you have conquered the monster, made his armor and weapon, and continued to the next big challenge and having to learn a new fight all over again.

Edits: You can take as much time as you want on one particular monster, or even backtrack to easier monsters for practice or gear if you are stuck.

Monster Hunter IS NOT a race to see who can get to the end the fastest like other games are.

Edits: Don't give in to the pressure to just b-line it to late high rank because that's where the coolest stuff is if you don't want to. If you do not care about low rank that is also fine. But I recommend, especially for the new players, to not power through low rank because high rank has a tendency to kick unprepared hunters in the ass (same for G or master rank when that comes out).

Monster Hunter IS the journey, the growth, the feeling of accomplishment when you beat low rank, high rank, do that really ridiculously hard event quest and receive that ticket to craft some funky armor or weapon.

It IS those fun moments launching your team mates into the air on accident, those fun moments when you fuck around completely ignoring the objectives of the hunt, those fun moments when somehow you managed to pull together such a sick ass series of combos with your random teammates who you do not know personally that completely destroys the monster.


Edits: The journey =/= progressing through the story missions, the journey is that time you spend at any point of the game, whether it is early low rank or late high rank, that you spend the most time on and make the most memories.

Please have the mindset of savoring your playtime coming into Rise. If you are coming into this game just to b-line it to the end completion, please don't forget that there is A LOT to this experience that you are missing out on. I understand some people may want to play a game and just complete it to get the general sense of it, and that is fine, but don't forget that Monster Hunter is more than what it is at face value and that is why people like me are so passionate about this series that they feel like they have to make a whole post about this.

I was inspired to make this post based on Rurikhan's comments and the Third Fleet podcast episode #15 with Rurikhan and Gaijin Hunter available on YouTube. I think this is such an important thing that new and relatively new hunters should consider coming into this. That's all.

Edits: Thank you all for feedback, I'm glad this has sparked a ton of mostly civil conversation, that's what I like. One quick note as I'm going through the comments, I don't mean to shame or judge anyone who genuinely prefers to play the through the game in a way counter to what I said. If you just flat out don't like Monster Hunter that is okay too, you are entitled to your opinions. For everyone else, keep on hoonting!

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