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To all of you who feel too anxious to play online

MonsterHunterWorld4 - To all of you who feel too anxious to play online

Hello there, miscellaneous reader!

I've noticed that recently there have been several posts here on reddit about online anxiety… So there's something I'd like to share with you:

Monster hunter community is quite possibly the most welcoming community you'll ever encounter on any game. No matter how good, rusty, slow, distractable you are – nobody will ever be mad at you as long as you follow a simple etiquette (be mindful of others and their weapons, don't cart once/twice and leave).

In fact, if you don't believe me – google "adopt-a-hunter" and prepare to be shocked to the very core. Because there's a whole Discord with thousands of people like you ("Fledgling hunters") and thousands of people like me ("veterans" and/or "Dragonriders").

You know, many of us have jumped onto huge dragons from a bridge, to carve their back and blow them up… we have fought nightmare dragons, jumped onto a floaty balloon dragons, fought underwater, on ice, on top of sand-sailing boats, run along snake-looking dragons backs (help snek pls), we've mounted (Je suis monte), we've been collecting popo tongues (A sinking feeling), we've been tricked (shakalaka), blown up, poisoned, paralysed, frozen, bubbled, cut, scratched, trampled… even apex! and lest we forget – … we all have missed that last carve on Lao-Shan Lung…. HOWEVER – I can tell you now – ALL OF US who have done the above; want NOTHING MORE than to take you along with us and let you experience those very things that we ourselves remember so fondly.


Do not fear the online lobbies, do not fear other hunters, do not fear yourself! Because in the moments where the hunt is at its most tense… We enter this moment of "zen" – and suddenly your ability as a hunter multiplies… because now not only do you carry your time on your shoulders; you carry the others with you… And they do the same for you <- And that right there, is the ultimate feeling of monster hunter; it's like your brain becomes overclocked, time slows down and you see and hear everything.

And should the quest fail – the veterans here know failure better than anyone – to them, this is just standard operating procedure.

TL;DR – Do not fear online lobbies. Every hunter loves every other hunter. No matter how the quest goes – if you're with others – the only way this quest is over is either through victory of failure. Never abandonment. Because in this world – it's either "Hunt or Be Hunted"

Have a beautiful day!

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