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To all the dooters in the Monster Hunter community

MonsterHunterWorld3 - To all the dooters in the Monster Hunter community

Dooters truly are the unsung heroes of the monster hunter universe. They are the minority, most taking up the horn so that the art will not die off and be forgotten. Others claiming the mantle of dootmeister because even though you can smash the monster's skull in effectively with the doot stick's cousin (hammer) it's no where near as stylish. Stocking, encoring, self improvement, slotting the single Deco in the game meant just for that select 1-2% of true musical manglers, the chosen few who doot not for themselves but for the good of the team while also dealing K.O. And exhaust simultaneously. They are the true sapphire stars that light our way in the dark, the song that calls you back from the jagged cliffs of environmental damage. They will flinch the monster and at the same time ensure that we melee users do not suffer the effects of wind auras, lava pools or the roar of an invasive bagel. The will ensure that the dps drachen focus builds will still get a full size health bar, the will ensure that our status effects are potent. They the selfless few, they will pay their pipes, their drums, their strangely out of place electric guitars, with the goal on mind. That goal is to ensure Their team is taken care of. They stock a horn for every fight, they study the beasts day and night while ensuring their horn is not only dealing the best possible damage, but also providing those of us not brave enough to become composers of cataclysm, buffs relevant to the task at hand. You are not a support weapons, you are a blunt damage variant of your much simpler cousin. You are under appreciated, misunderstood, but you oh maestros of mayhem, sirens of sweet death, prodigys of pain, you are appreciated by this hunter.


Other than you mother-f()<£!&g corner horners. You are not included in this!!!

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