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To the newcomers that keep asking for pet monsters

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Monster Hunter: Stories is a 3DS spinoff game that exists, and might be able to scratch that monster riding itch. I feel that it really deserves more attention than it gets. And unlike every other Monster Hunter spinoff game that ever existed, this one was actually localized.

Let me explain a little bit about what it's like for anyone interested. When it comes to the story I'll admit it's kinda cheesy and I know some people have dropped the game because of it. I personally opinion on the story is the same as the story in any MH game, its nothing amazing but it does it's job. It does some memorable moments though. Just keep in mind that the target audience for this game is much younger the the audience of the main series.

Most people will probably describe it as Pokemonster hunter. Sure they are both turn based rpg where you collect monsters and use them in battle but the similarities end there. In Monster Hunter: Stories you play the role of a monster rider instead of a monster hunter. Like I said before, combat is turn based but unlike pokemon where you command your monster and have them fight for you, in Stories you battle along your monstie (monster buddy). Your monstie will usually do their own thing and it's up to you to bring a monstie depending on what type of attacks it has a tendency to use and the type of monster you are up against. You can command your monstie but at the cost of kinship points gained throughout the battle. Otherwise you can usually only command the rider without spending these points.


There is also a lot of customization with the gene system, so you can really make your monsties unique. Basically you can transfer genes from one monstie to another and this can affect the stats of your monstie and give them new skills and abilities. This means you can do things like create a Rathalos with ice attacks, or a fire breathing Diablos.


If I sold anyone on the game I recommend checking out the demo on the 3DS eshop. It lets you through the first couple of hours of the game and you can transfer your progress to the full game. I hope I was able to convince some people to check out another fun Monster Hunter game.

Happy Hunting! Riding!

TLDR: Check out Monster Hunter: Stories. There's a free demo on the 3DS eshop

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