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Today, in sets that got a huge buff from Drachen…Taroth Assault Support!

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That's right folks, a gunner set (well, lots of gunner sets…even the Glutton got a considerable boost from Drachen) got a massive buff from the Drachen gear. Without further ado, I present what is perhaps the best Pierce HBG set in the game!

Gun: Obviously, the Taroth Assault Support. 1 Recoil Mod, 2 Long Range Mods. Affinity Hone. Piercing Shots decoration.

Helmet: Nergigante Helm B. Best Maximum Might piece in the game. Two affinity decorations.

Chest Piece: Drachen. Critboost, a slot, 2 affinity points…it's basically a 1 slot better Kulve chest piece. Peak Performance decoration.

Arms: Drachen. Stupidly good armor piece, slots, damage, it has everything. 2 Peak decorations.

Waist: Kulve Taroth beta. Good slottage on a free element piece. Maximum Might and Attack decorations.

Legs: Who would have thought…Drachen. Again, good slottage and damaging skills, a must have. Crit Boost decoration.

Charm: Awakening II. Completes Free Element, giving us a greatly extended magazine size.

Evasion and Temporal Mantles. Rocksteady almost has no use, you're never that close to a monster. Hell, Temporal is already just a cushion for safety.


And the end result?

Critical Eye 6

Attack Boost 4

Critical Boost 3

Maximum Might 3

Peak Performance 3

Free Element 3

Piercing Shots

And…with Maximum Might active, we have a whopping 90% natural crit. We eliminate the need for Weakness Exploit entirely, while still having a stupidly high crit chance on non weakspots. Why is this important? Because we're using Pierce, which never just hits weakspots anyways (aside from maybe Bazel). As a result, we now have significantly increased damage to all monster parts.

All things considered, this set is fairly budget (only one attack decoration, no super rare decorations aside from maybe Piercing Shots needed…etc), and hits for a lot harder than before.

If anyone finds a way to get similar skills but that last point in Critical Eye, let me know!

Feel free to ask any questions, and to start shooting! 😀

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