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Top 3 hyper-aggressive monsters you want in World?

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So I'm curious to know what highly aggressive monsters some of the vets want to see in World. I might be a bit biased a bit, but here we go:

  1. Gore Magala. Normally I might say Shagaru Magala, but nothing beats the first time I fought that virus spreading hate machine. He's got a great design with awesome breath effects (lingering black shadow with blue particles swirling around inside it, kind of like looking into space), ridiculously fast, and brutishly powerful with his nuke. Nergigante had to have been inspired by him.

  2. Tigrex. Very fast, absurdly aggressive, and loves to psyche out the hunter. Has a unique tail spin in that it swings 360 degrees instead of doing a 180 like most monsters. It can also leap forward while doing that same 360 tail spin to cover distance. Its roars actually hurt you. Great color palette and design, too. They say a Tigrex once a carted a team of hunters…with just its voice.

  3. Rajang. Awesome design, the one Super Saiyajin to rule them all. Incredibly fast and aggressive with spins, slams, spinning slams (lol), and a lightning breath attack. Probably the most complained about monster in the older games, and on par with many elder dragons despite being "just a monkey". Goku would be proud.

Honorable mention:

Zinogre. Fantastic design (an electric wolf is just so neat). A monster that's built on the player being more reactive than predictive. Very fast with lots of combos and attacks that will throw a lot of hunters off. I'd love to see Zinogre more than Rajang, but I think Rajang would be a bigger community favorite.

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