Monster Hunter World

Torn between Hunting Horn and Insect Glaive

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Torn between Hunting Horn and Insect Glaive

So I am going to use both of these weapons but I like focusing on one weapon at a time and I really like both weapons. That is making it a very hard decision on which one to focus on first.

The hunting horn has a moveset that appears simple but has a lot of complexity to it, which makes it really fun to use. Managing the buffs is something I like doing because it adds an extra layer to the fight and when you manage to move just enough during a performance to dodge a monster's attack it feels great. The biggest issue with the weapon is the lack of anything that is totally "satisfying" such as the GS TCS or LS Helmsplitter. All the attacks feel nice but none feel amazing on their own.

The Insect Glaive is also really fun to use. While the ground combos aren't something super amazing they hit decently and quickly enough to feel good. Even though being in the air is less efficient it is something only the IG can really do, it looks incredibly badass, the sound that is made when pogoing off a monster is so satisfying and I love challenging monsters to aerial duels. Also mounting is something I love doing. My biggest issues with this weapon are that managing the buffs feel less fun than with a HH, rather it is just tedious especially with a slow early game kinsect, and that ground combos have long ending animations that decrease the fluidity of the weapon.

Both weapons downsides are minor compared to how much I like both weapons so I don't really know which to go with. Looks are also important to me but I don't think either really wins out because (imo) the HH has better unique designs while the IG has better base designs.

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