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Trying to understand Affinity in MHW for Bows

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Trying to understand Affinity in MHW for Bows

Hey guys so I’ve been researching on how the honeyhunter builder gathers and calculates total affinity for a bit now. It is possible to figure it out but I haven’t really seen a video over it explaining it where everyone can understand so I went ahead and did the numbers. After all most top tier bow builds rely on 100% affinity so I think it is important to understand how they calculated that overall number.

There are four important skills to keep in mind when considering the 100% affinity builds. They are as follows Critical eye, Weakness exploit, Critical Boost, and weapon augments. In most weapons where you rock the 100% affinity builds its important to raise these skills as high as possible.

Lets start be redefining what affinity is, I consider it a critical chance of some sorts. Basically a percentage of your attack will automatically do a base of 125% bonus damage scaling both positively and negatively with your overall affinity. Since I am a bow user my affinity is always positive so I don’t have to worry about negative affinity. The higher your affinity the more often your attacks will do extra damage. Furthermore elemental damage will not scale with your affinity bonus unless you have the skill Critical element which will allow your elemental damage to crit as well

So following our redefined affinity as mentioned before the skill Critical eye raises your Affinity small amount each level. At level one it raises your affinity a mere 3% whereas at level 7 it raises your affinity a huge 30%. So obviously in lots of meta builds you will see this skill maxed. The main way to do this is either wear Kaiser Gamma armor (the head, hands, and feet) or using Expert gems to raise the skill one per decoration you slot in. As mentioned before this helps your non-elemental damage unless you have the Critical Element skill

Next we have weakness exploit which is a little trickier to utilize. Weakness exploit raises the affinity of your attacks that strike a monster in its weak points by 15% at level one and maxing at a 50% affinity boost at level 3. Honeyhunter MHW builds automatically apply this affinity boost to your total affinity giving you the highest level of affinity IF you are landing all your attacks at a weak point. Basically by hitting monsters weak points with just weakness exploit half of your attacks will deal the extra damage.


The last important decoration to remember is the skill Critical Boost skill. This skill enhances the damage of attacks that have been boosted by affinity. Normally this damage increase rests at 125% bonus but can be enhanced with varying levels of critical boost starting at 130% at level one and capping at 140% at Critical Boost level three.

And of course we cannot forget weapon augments. Once you get past HR 50 you start getting Hero Streamstones and Warrior Streamstones which are used to enhance your weapons stats. On some weapons its better to spec for other augments but for bows it is and has been vital to go for all the affinity augments. Affinity augments, max Critical Eye, and max Weakness Exploit alone will put a few bows in the 100% affinity range or close to it. Another weapon class I have seen solely spec in affinity augments would be the dual blades as well.

Now to actually calculate you overall affinity boosted damage you have to take the boosted affinity damage (So if we have Critical Boost level 3 this value would be .4) Then you multiply that by your overall affinity (so a 10% affinity would be represented as .1 and a 100% affinity would be represented as a 1) The once you get your result you add to one (So using the above example your result should be 1.4) The you take this last number and multiply it by your raw damage of your weapon (so if our raw damage is 100 this will mean we have will have 1.4*100 resulting in an average shot dealing 140 with our max affinity)

Of course there are other methods to raise your affinity such as affinity boost, or level 4 attack boost. However as a sole bow player this is a little bit beyond my area of expertise so I would love to hear more about this in the comments below

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