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Tundra map – Ideas for new activities

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Tundra map - Ideas for new activities

Classic view

While talking to a friend about the (very likely) addition of the new tundra map soon, some ideas came up that I would like to share with you.

Imagine if the new map had a new social area, Astera style, but with the difference that it could be "developed" through activities?

Example of snow village

For example … it was like a camp that after performing certain activities (Example: Kill 20 mosswine, return 30 scales of Rathalos) you upgrade the areas and acess new minigames.

  • Imagine a curling battle minigame with other players?
  • Imagine a casino with its own money and exclusive items like clothes for cats?
  • Imagine an ice rush with the little pigs?

I think it would be great because besides adding the new map, with new items and monsters, it is a way to relax from the hunts, further increasing the life of the game without getting bored.

Curling minigame of Digimon World. If you know this then you have my respect


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