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Two Ideas for New Weapons for MHW and beyond

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I have two ideas for a new weapon types, here they are:

  • The Split Shield

Is a shield split in two and each side is worn on each arm. So you attack by using those half shields by punching the monster with it Then pressing triangle and circle will make your hunter do a "boxing cover" which will recombine the half shields into one stronger shield for 5 seconds. Pressing circle while in this form will make your hunter tap the ground with the shield which would draw aggro from the monster Tapping the shield to the ground will refresh the duration of the full shield form and doing so consumes stamina. Pressing triangle would do a short shield bash, doing this will end the full shield form. Now if you time the triangle right as the monster attacks, you can do a counter shield bash that deals 2x the damage of a normal shield bash. Influenced by the Shieldspire.

  • The War Banner

The 2nd one is basically a flag pole/spear. So it's more of a winged spear where its "wings" would extend sideways and make the cloth hanging by the spear's neck expand like a flag. In spear mode, circle button are quick poking attacks and will do piercing/severing damage, triangle will do wide swipes utilizing the "wings" of the spear and it deals blunt damage. Now the flag mode will activate by blocking/aiming/pressing L1. What happens is the hunter will then point the flag forward like showing the flag, this position will gain the monster's aggro too. Unlike shields in general, this cannot block. But instead it gives you a small window to counter attack when the monster hits the flag. You can also tilt the flag to the left or right. Can be used to lure, say a Diablos into a pillar. Pressing triangle as the monster hits the flag will make your hunter vault over the monster or to where your hunter was facing. Pressing circle will instead make the hunter smack the monster as they move to the side where ever you pointed your movement stick to. Now if a monster hits the flag, the flag can collect some "essence" and will give a buff to your hunter. The essence buff varies from what type of monster attacked it. Lets say a Deviljho attacked it, so you get brute wyvern essence. Each essence gives a unique buff that represents the monster's characteristics (ex. Brute wyvern essence gives attack buff, bird wyvern essence gives speed buff, etc.). You also need to counter attack or dodge cause if you get hit, you will lose the buff. But if you manage to successfully counter or dodge during the quick window to do so as the monster hits the flag, the buff is kept for 30 seconds. Buffs can be stacked 3x and starts with Small, Medium then Large. (ex. Brute Essence S, Brute Essence M and Brute Essence L).

Finally, pressing triangle + circle will make your hunter "plant" the flag on the ground and this will share the buff to allies.

TL;DR Two gauntlet like shields that can be combined in to one bigger and stronger shield and I named it Split Shield and a winged spear that extends it wings to reveal a flag that steals monster essence for buffs that I named War Banner.


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