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Understanding Monster Hunter humor (Long essay)

MonsterHunterWorld1 - Understanding Monster Hunter humor (Long essay)

Hi guys, it’s me, your boy, Professor . I think you know me very well from my various controversial posts made through the years.

Now it is entirety possible that fate cursed me to have the same humorless individuals over and over again, but I am not attentive enough to notice. So just in case, I am going to help people know what Monster Hunter humor is.

Ok, so with the grand release of World, the community’s own Elder’s Recess was cracked open as a flood of new hunters rushed in bringing their own opinions and own mannerisms in. As such some behaviors seem to catch people off guard.

So I assume people know what humor is, it’s something light hearted and funny that can be used for various purposes, of course some like I fail at humor so whether it counts as humor or not is up to the individual.

So, let’s set some ground rules:

  1. Humor is not meant to be particularly aggressive nor challenging your views. MOST OF THE TIME people use humor in their arguments or vent posts as a way to subconsciously be non threatening and create a peaceful atmosphere.

  2. Humor doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes people will say things that deliberately make no logical sense, this is intentional. If it sounds too stupid to be true, consider the possibility that the person is pulling your leg.

  3. They usually are not targeting you. Humor is not usually threatening, if they make fun of something that you may like, keep in mind that they mean ZERO ill will towards you, you don’t need to bring out the M60 HBG (see, the HBG is similar to the M60 IRL) to gun them down because they don’t like a certain mechanic or monster.

Ok, now let’s use some personal examples.

Example 1: Someone saying the MH Movie will be good if Kushala and Plesioth get obliterated.

Explanation: Both Kushala and Plesioth are monsters people tend to not like, mostly due to a gimmick that demands a specific build or simply repeating of an attack that has a large hitbox and short windup. When you dislike something, you might show aggression towards it. In this case, the person wishes to see both monsters gloriously obliterated. Keep in mind the person KNOWS neither monster is in the movie. Next, notice how they said the MH movie will be good? That makes no sense right? Exactly! (Here’s a gold star ⭐️) They KNOW the movie will be bad, in fact, they probably already heard of the news or even saw it themselves. It’s ironic. This joke to summarize is an intentional exaggeration saying that seeing 2 hated monsters destroyed would make them love the film.


Example 2: Someone says that at least the female voices of Rise can replace the moaning and grunts.

Explanation: There is a specific action that adults are known to do, it is called “sex” which is a very intimate process where two adults comfort each other and show trust and love. This is a very personal process however, and it is seen as a very private thing and also something people may take offense to if it occurs within their household. Humans make vocalizations during sex that communicates joy and love to their partner. The female hunters of MH make shockingly similar vocalizations, which can make people uncomfortable. As such, they are saying the noises the female hunters vocalize make the player uncomfortable. Next, the voices of Rise. Westerners tend to be a fairly quite bunch when they reach adulthood and instead communicate more through gestures, expression and posture as opposed to vocally. Vocal communication in fact can be overwhelming to them and cause sensory overload and be seen as an annoyance and even possibly a sign of aggression. The hunters in Rise are VERY vocal and loud, not only that but the words they say don’t function well and cause discomfort as the brain subconsciously tries to understand the intent of the communication, not only that but they want to avoid people using this communication so that they don’t lose their social ability by being in the presence of someone socially handicapped in communication. So, if you guess this right as to how this humor works, I will give you a shiny star…. CORRECT! 🌟. That’s exactly right! While both vocalization processes make westerners uncomfortable, most people would MUCH rather prefer being around a chatterbox than someone who is mimicking the sounds made during an intimate and personal process.

Anyway, class dismissed. Have a good Christmas my pupils and don’t tell the cops that I am not actually a professor.

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