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Unpopular Opinion: MH4U is better then MHW

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Disclaimer: I am not saying that MHW is at all a bad game or i didn't enjoy it butt i do find myself returning to MH4U far more than World.

Point 1) Content

There is far more content to be found in 4U than in World and I find myself to enjoy that content far more. And the weapon content in the game is often just a small addition to the base weapon skins and i found them to be quite unoriginal and disappointing when I got them. Furthermore there aren't as many monsters and beasts in MHW than in MH4U thus i had little diversity between what i fought. there wasn't a large enough cast of monsters to entice myself in the game and i had no diversity between hunts and all of it slowly fussed together into a singular blob.

Point 2) Difficulty

I am having trouble formulating this thought but in MHW it was too easy. Many of the quests posed little challenge and it was only a matter of time until i won. At times it seemed to devolve into a hack and slash where i would just hit the monster and it would hit me back and i took a lot less time learning each of the monsters moves and how to counter them effectively. This could be due to how i have played many MH games before and i know but it all seemed to be too easy. In MH4U i had lots of trouble with several monsters like Zinogre especially in HR and it came down to tense moments where i would actively fear and flee from the monster. A lot of time was spent thinking and counting and it became extremely tense at times but in MHW i found that to be almost nonexistent.


Point 3) Visual style

I'm not saying that MHW doesn't look gorgeous because it does but for myself it doesn't have the monster hunter visual style. Monster hunter to me is very bright vibrant with giant weapons and unreal proportions and bright colorful monsters in which you would pleasantly murder but MHW swaps that bright, vibrant tone to a more realistic, desaturated version. often times it felt more like a Jurassic park kind of game rather than a monster hunter kind of game. I don't entirely hate the new art style as it has allowed for a much different take on the series and it brought more power and realism into the game but i still enjoy 4U more


Point 3) The Handler

I don't like her… She's uninteresting, annoying, and basically pointless, and i hate how she gets credit for what i do.

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