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Unpopular opinion: Sergerios is the worst monster I have hunted.

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Unpopular opinion: Sergerios is the worst monster I have hunted.

I have never understood how people like this monster. I have never liked hunting this thing since the first, and it will not end. First of all, I dont like how fast it is. I enjoyed the Nargacuga hunt because it did the fast monster correctly. Seregios, on the other hand, not only made me dread fighting it, but made me hate the fact that it is just about as deadly as it is fast. It's main gimmick is it's scales. If you get hit with one of it's scales, you better have a sushifish on hand, because you are going to bleed. And the blood doesnt stop, it's a gash, your blood just gushes out of you from those scales. Seregios just preformed open heart surgery on you and had just accidentally cut an artery. The only way to stop this is with sushifish. And if you didnt know that, then screw you because you will bleed out and die. How bleed works, is when you sprint, dodge, attack, and jump, you will take damage. Fast movements and movement damage does not work in tandem together, now do they? And if you get pinned by Seregios? Bleed will also stack with it, draining your health like a water bottle with the bottom cut off. Back to the Nargacuga, the Silverwind Nargacuga does this by an attack that send out a slash wave that will inflict bleed upon contact. It works better since you can actually see it coming, and its only an individual attack. Seregios's scales are small and blend in with the desert background. And they are launched in a good handful of attacks. And the baisicly have an area wide range, so you could get sniped by them, you know, for good measure. Combine the fact that you find it roaming around area 2, one of the most unleveled area in the entire series, and its no wonder why I hate it. When in the dunes, if I see a question mark next to the main monster, I almost hope its never a Seregios. Its like a Bazelgeuse crossbread with a Diablos. And the pain doesnt end there, since the fucket nuggets hit multiple times. And if the Seregios is the main monster, there is an 87.9 percent chance that there is going to be a question mark next to it, and about 90 percent of the time, like every other high rank and g rank quests, its going to be a Deviljho. And nuggets don't mix with pickles.


Special Fuck you to the Odogaron. Sure, it can't make you bleed from a distance, but the Rotten Vale's areas are tiny as hell, especially the underside's. Combine that with the speed of a Tobi Kadachi, amd you have a good monster ruined by its home base. Its a bit more tolerable when it appears in the Coral Highlands, but its still pretty bad.

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