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Unpopular Opinion Time!

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I like fighting Arch Tempered Elder Dragons. I liked fighting Behemoth and Extremoth. I like the free content we're getting.

I am not a fan boy. I've raged right alongside everyone the first time Kulve Taroth dragged her blingarriffic booty around that stupid cave that should have the OST be Yakkety Sax from Benny Hill on Pursuit Level 1. It took days of fighting her to get my first Glimstone, and I barely got the ones needed to make that armor I never wear anymore after AT Teostra's sweet, sweet Critical Eye set.


I was the only person in my squad to beat Extremoth. It literally shattered us. We've never played together again since. I refused to give up and formed a group of similarly pissed off, fed up, had enough hunters (I may name my squad POFUHE Hunters now…) and we aced that purple, bullshit-spewing douche-canoe on the first full outing after a practice run to cement our tactics.

I love this game. I don't get why folks who started out so enthusiastic for it are starting to sour on it. The game is still a ridiculous blast and I'm augmenting every gamma armor set that comes my way.

I've been playing since launch and I still love this game. Anyone else out there feel the same?

P.S. Is it true Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth is next?


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