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MHW is not easier than the other monster hunter games. It just has less bullshit. I feel like the only reason the game seems easier is because they cleaned up all the crap. Often times when I would cart in an older MH game it felt like “UGH BULLSHIT” but when I cart now it’s more of a “I should’ve been paying attention” or “that was dumb of me”.

Playing monster hunter on portable consoles was a challenge just because of what you were playing it on. The mechanics were clunky, controls even clunkier and overall it wasn’t really the difficulty of the game and moreso the difficulty of the console and the controls.

They made crafting a chore, it wasn’t harder per say to gather materials, but to the lazy player (me) that didn’t want to go out and just gather endlessly, well we went without what we didn’t absolutely need. Monster hunter world corrects that with the botanical garden.


In the older monster hunter games monsters didn’t really have tells the way they do now, but that’s unrealistic. Animals have tells, when your cats about to swipe at your hand chances are you know about it because it’s following your hand with intense focus. When your dog is pissed off they’ll bark and snarl and growl. When a gorilla is about to tear your arms from your torso he’s gonna start grunting, besting his chest, and intimidating you. Animals have tells and the monsters of monster hunter are just really big animals. And monster hunter world made them feel like that.

Playing the older monster hunter games felt very cartoony, fake, like it felt like fantasy, not just because of the graphics, but because of the lack of realism that you find in the monsters of world. In world you can find Anjanath chilling staring out at the sunset over the ocean. Or rathalos cleaning it’s talons and drinking water. They added a strong sense of realism to this game and tells are a factor of that realism.

In some aspects world IS easier than the other games. But for the most part I feel like they just cleaned up bullshit. Improved upon what was a very strong core foundation and made it feel amazing and real.

But that’s just my opinion that I wanted to vent. If you disagree that’s fine.

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