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USJ Event Will Be Released to the Rest of the World

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This is actually not some new information.


If you go the USJ page about the collaboration quest, at the bottom it was noted that:


Translated means that "The original collaboration quest is scheduled to be released to the whole world on a later date."


And if you read the title closely, it says:

オリジナル・コラボクエスト 先行配信

Which means "Original Collaboration Quest: Early Release".


So stop the low quality "looking for USJ host" posts.


If you can't wait till after August 8th when the early release for people who got the USJ code, use the search bar and look for people who host the quest and join their room. No one will probably answer your post because everyone wants to do it and the host are already kind enough to use their time to host quest for people, let alone searching on Reddit for people who wants to join their quest.

This also serves as a warning for those tho are paying people on eBay to do the quests. They charge like $15 just for the first part and you probably need to pay them again to do the second part. Do not regret later when the quest is released for everyone FOR FREE.

I myself was also able to get the first part of the quests done thanks to kind Redditors like /u/cometkid27 who hosted the quest. I also want to do the second part of the quest but have been too busy with exams to find hosts and join room. Just remember that these people who sacrificed their time to host quests for you. It is a boring and tedious thing to do. Thank them.




Common Q&A

  • How can you get this quest?
    The quest is unlocked thorough a DLC code redeemed on PSN. The code can only be obtained by visiting Universal Studio Japan. Also the code can only be redeemed on Japanese PSN account.

  • When will it be released to the rest of the world?
    Only Capcom knows. The only information we have is that people with the code will have early access until August 8th. The quest should be released to the rest of the world after that date.

  • I'm on Xbox, any way for me to do this quest right now?
    Unfortunately no. MHW is only released on PS4 in Japan so there is no Xbox version of this code. You cannot find anyone to host this quest for you. Your only choice is to wait.

  • What's the difference between the first and second part of the quest?
    The first part of the quest gives you the Azure Shard to craft the low rank long sword and Palico armor. The second part gives you the Azure Stargem to upgrade the long sword you got from the first part and allows you to craft the Azure Starlord Alpha armor set.




TL;DR Stop asking for host, search for host yourself. If you are too lazy to do that then wait at least until August 8th and the quest should be released to the rest of the world after that date.

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