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Vaal Hazak: A somewhat believable biological history narrative

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This is just my take on Vaal Hazak's ecology based on the Monster Hunter Development Team's idea of a "realistic" biodiversity.

Vaal Hazak is likely a long distant relative of your average elder dragon like Teostra and Kushala Daora (that could've been split since, like, a really fu*king long time ago) that resided on the continent of the New World, I'll call this version Pre-Vaal Hazak.

They existed simply just like any other elder dragon, doing their own thing and causing natural disasters with their unknown aura, up until the point of a flashlight/lantern eye fish
). Their jaws and teeth adapted to strip rotting flesh off bone, and their wings became weaker as the webbing disappeared, as there's barely any need or space to fly in the Vale.

Then, a bacterium eventually evolved within the Vale that which accelerated the process of rotting, all while producing the deadly gas known as effluvium. This offered trouble to any of the species that inhabited the Vale at the time, including Pre-Vaal Hazak. This created a bottleneck for the species until a select group of Pre-Vaal Hazaks adapted and were able to harness the effluvium in high concentrations, giving them the aura control over the deadly substance (however that works in Elder Dragon terms). And badabing badaboom we got Vaal Hazak.


With their new found powers, they don't have to rely so much on eating as they could techincally live off the effluvium that the bacteria produces from infecting carrion and other unfortunate monsters in the Vale. This allowed them to live a much slower, low-metabolism lifestyle, giving them unbelievably long lifespans, which successfully denied their interests towards the Elder Crossing. Their immobility gave Vaal Hazak their nearly undetectable status, except for the one time the 3rd Fleet spotted a specimen, namely by the Tracker. Maybe Xeno'jiiva and its sudden spike of biobullshit attraction (the rate in which the Elder Crossing happens have been increasing over the centuries) of monsters mean that the Vale had a sudden low quantity of rotting material for the bacteria to feed on (Elder Dragons in particular) compared to before, which agitated a Vaal Hazak enough to expose itself to seek out other sources of sustenance in the Vale. And then 5th fleet arrived and Zorah Magdaros exposed a Vaal Hazak's nest and for research purposes you went to piss it off and slay it.

TL:DR Vaal is just an species of dragon that adapted to a fu*ked up rotten ecosystem with germs.

I'd like to hear about your take on Vaal Hazak's lore but pls no weird undead theories i heard too much of those. Discuss below.

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