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Veteran Hunters: A Call for Support!

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Hello, I'm Xalthir!

I've been playing Monster Hunter for years and I wanted to put this out there as a 'call-to-arms'. I know we have the hunter recruitment discord going and I know that you all have found some people to play with or are looking forward to hanging with some randoms, but I want to remind folks of something important.

Monster Hunter has and always will be a game about community. This series has come as far as it has because of the support of people who love it unconditionally and I'm sure there are a lot of you out there. For those who are new or still early in your MH 'career' welcome!

But this call is for my Veterans and tenured players who have clocked hundreds of hours into these games.


Please be patient, please be friendly, and please do your best to be helpful and support the growing community. We have thrived on positive encouragement for years prior to the release of World. The bolstered numbers are what we've waited years for! Finally, MH is seeing a huge explosion in the West and I think it is well earned.

Posts on here are going to ask a lot of simple questions; don't just link to the answers. Make it personal, make it friendly, make it mean something to be part of this. We want people to come back, form friendships, play together long term because that's what this series is about. Take the time to talk to someone and connect, it's worth it.

Thanks for reading, and good luck out there Hunters!

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