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Hey there,

I have am a player of both game – moreso Warframe (MR 26/3k hours) and MonHunW (HR 46/110 hours).

A cross over would certainly work.

Decorations/set bonuses and mods make up the same aspect.

Weapons have their synergies too.

Long sword = nikana/odashi

Insect glaive = polearm

Dual blade = dual dagger (an unloved weapon class)

LBG = rifle with Hysterix passive

HBG = arch gun with Hysterix passive

Bow = bow

Hammer = hammer

Charge blade/Switch axe/Greatsword = heavy blade

Gun Lance/Lance = sword and shield (not sure about this)

Sword and shield = sword and shield

Hunting horn = ?

Gear tree wise; for MHW Base gear – builds into prime Rank 6/7 – 7/8


Armour could match to the first 8 Warframes.

Eg. Trinity armour gives wide range, speed eater, free meal, tool specialist.

Rhino armour gives defence boost, guard/guard up and blast.

For Warframe; we could get decorations as mods. Bow charge + Boosting raw damage (damage without adding elemental mods) Razor sharp for armour ignore/reduction perhaps like beta days of old…

Vaal Hazak mod for passive heal Regen/viral damage pulse in an PBAoE.

Just some thoughts,

Thank you for reading,


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