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We don’t have swimming in world, but I had an idea.

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So I haven't played MH3U for a long time, and I've never really fought the monster in question very much, but I had an idea for how we could implement it into World, and still be lore friendly.

So (Spoiler warning) at the end of the first half of the story, we drive off Zorah Magdaros and send it off to sea to end its life, after that, it kinda becomes a bit of an afterthought when Nergigante and Xenojiva become the main focus.

But what if we went back to Zorah? What if we could visit that map again?

What if Zorah wasn't alone?

So here's my thoughts for a continuation. Members of the research staff are examining parts left over from Zorah's shell, researching its composition and comparing it to fragments of the magma cores. When they make a discovery, Zorah Magdaros doesn't naturally produce lava, the magma cores were created from another source, something deeper inside Zorah's shell. The fleet send you out with a small research team to check out the source, flying back out to Zorah's mountainous shell in the ocean. After exploring on your own for a bit while the researchers hang back at the temporary camp set up on Zorah's shell, you delve deeper into the reaches of the once living mountain, areas that have opened up after the dragon's death, and in the deepest areas of the caverns, you come across a terrifying sight.

A nest, burned through the back of Zorah's body, seawater filling the massive bowl in the cavern as the occupant slowly awakens to your presence, the head of the horrifying beast rising from the water to inspect the intruder to its lair.


Dire Miralis.

You have no choice but to flee, heading back to the fleet to report your findings once the research team evacuates, the commander expresses frustration with the situation, before coming to his decision, they'll fly in a mass of siege weapons to Zorah's shell and you will slay the Dire Miralis.

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I figure it'd work similarly to Xeno, mixed with Zorah's siege focus, Dire Miralis would start in the seawater bowl in the depths of Zorah's shell, the fleet has cannons and ballistas set up around the bowl for you to battle the dragon with the occasional chance to attack its head when it comes close. After a set amount of damage, the Dire Miralis moves to a higher cavern where you have more weapons and a chance to fight it on land. After more damage, the dragon will move to the surface, the same map you explore when on Zorah's back during the battle, the areas are kinda narrow in places so it might be difficult to maneuver it around up there, but the fight would be pretty much the same as the old Fatalis battles, except with flying volcanic rocks, and of course, the fleet has set up a dragonator on the back of Zorah, just for those flashy final blows.

What do you think? Would it work? Is it utter lunacy? Do you even care about Dire Miralis? I'm honestly really curious about what people might think about it.

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