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We need an inventory size update for Iceborne

MonsterHunterWorld1 - We need an inventory size update for Iceborne

I know it's an old request that some people posted when Kulve Taroth became the Santa Claus of Monster Hunter World. But since I only recently farmed her, I never did think I could hit that 1k limit. But I actually did, even while making sacrifices.

So I reached 990 objects in my inventory. I have nothing more than once. No low rank armor. I have (nearly, curse you Lunastra) all craftable weapons. I have all craftable High-rank armors. For any monster lower than Rathalos, I have only one version of each armor piece (only alpha or beta). For higher, I tend to have both to have some flexibility in builds. I have all amulets and all kinsects.

Kulve Taroth was a gigantic leap in inventory space, even while I kept only Taroth and Kjarr weapons (nothing under rank 7) and I don't even have everything ! I know that some of these weapons are pretty much replicas or downgrades from their craftable counterparts, but I'm not sure what is the future of these weapons and I have not spent enough time looking at them to know if I will include them in my builds.

And yes I know that some of these armors/weapons will only get dust in my inventory, but I'm not sure if in the future I will go into fashion runs, so I keep them.


For Iceborne, we will have Master rank and new monsters. Master rank weapons will be upgrades for my actual craftable weapons, so that won't require any more space. Master rank armors will pretty much replace my high-rank armors, so same here. But we're going to have new monsters, so new space is required.

We have pretty much 6 new monsters confirmed (I don't include the Legiana variant, as It is possible its weapons and armors will count as upgraded Legiana equipment). For armors that would require at least 6 x 10 inventory space (alpha/beta) + 5 for potential future Gamma Velkhana armor. I approximate at 7 the number of weapons per monster (if it's like the Diablo). So we also need 7 x 6 spaces for new weapons.

That would require more than a hundred item slots in my inventory, which means getting rid of a lot of things I already farmed. It might be possible to fit them all in, with extreme sacrifice, however if we end up getting more monsters or weapons (For exemple I didn't count any equipment based on the endemic life) or even event quests, I will continue to struggle.

So please Capcom, since we have a new Hub in the north pole, let's give hunters some more space to store all that juicy equipment we carved of from monsters.

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