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We need more charms with set bonuses

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I've spent most of my time in MHW using Sword&Shield and Insect Glaive (and more recently Lance), "fast" weapons which are made infinitely better with the Protective Polish skill. This meant that I spent almost all of my High Rank play wearing 4 pieces of Odogaron armour and one other piece that synergised with the weapon element / my play style. The only times I'd take it off were to fight monsters Odo is super weak to, or to play Lance (Partbreaker / Earplugs / Guard Up build).

Last week, around 240 hours played / HR90, I got lucky and found the Protective Polish deco. Since then, I've played the game more than ever, trying out different builds and skills from a wider selection of amour. I also hit HR100 and discovered that the Guard Up skill I loved to use for Lance is now available as a charm recipe!


So, Capcom… why aren't the rest of the set bonuses available as charms, too? Having Protective Polish, Razor Sharp or any of the other bonuses as charms would remove some of the pain of grinding for decos and wouldn't break the balance of the game. You're still giving up an entire charm for one skill (goodbye, 3 levels of Attack Up / Earplugs) which is a significant sacrifice… and the existing decos are still just as precious, because putting an entire charm into one level 2/3 slot is a huge advantage when building. You could even make the recipes really expensive (multiple copies of the monster's gem, rare tickets etc.) to still require some amount of "grind" – it would be far easier to achieve than the current <1% drop rate. Creating your own armour build is tons more fun and effective when you have access to greater options, and this feels like an easy and obvious antidote to the current "grind until blessed by RNGesus" decoration situation.

TLDR: make charm recipes for armour set bonuses, reduces grind and game balance would be largely unaffected, more players can make a wider variety of fun/effective builds

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