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We need to discuss about LowEffort postings.

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Hello, my name is Revonlieke and an avid reader of this sub-reddit. This is not me being salty I just want to bring some attention to this.

For some time now I've been looking at this sub-reddit and one of the biggest issues I have with it is the rule;

  1. No low-effort "Look what I did" Image submissions.
    "Look what I did" image submissions include (but are not limited to) kill-shots, loot posts, quest completion, and generic "look at this cool thing" submissions. Paragraphs should be of reasonable effort. More information;

Paragraph Rule

Yet we constantly see people post low-effort stuff and many of those leak in to the front page. No paragraph included, it might be a video or an image but most of them are "look at this cool thing". Without any actual effor to bring up discussion. In some of these posts discussion starts to happen, because it's "interesting" to people, but it doesn't change the fact that it was low-effor in the first place.

So, some recent events have directed me towards making this discussion, because of how it is handeled. Just today I saw 3-5 low-effort posts in front page, one of them having close to 500upvotes (if I remember correctly), but because it was low-effort even with a good ammount of comments I reported it as such. It's no longer there most likely because it was reported, not because it's against the rules to post such things.

And this is what bothers me.

If you are going to have a rule that should be followed. It should not be such a grey area. I've been a moderator in various places in my life. The way it is handeled is that if someone posts something that's against a rule he gets a warning, second time he posts the same stuff he gets banned. Now this is ofcourse more in-line with forums and IRC's.

But the way it is handeled right now is wrong as well. It gives people the notion that the rule is not to be followed. If one person's low-effort post is allowed then many others will follow that since it's what they see in the front page. then only afterwards get reported and wonder why that is.

I can for certain say that many who have read the rules have not actually pressed the arrow to open more info about the rule or better yet, read the link that gives more info about a paragraph.

Here is a prime example of one of my own posts. I 100% understand that moderators are not here to moderate 24/7 to handle this stuff and I can understand them relying on the community to report low-effor posts. But from the recent events that have occured about this issue I've clearly noticed one thing. The rule is a guideline and only if you're funny enough with your post you get upvoted and ignored by the mod-team.


I did not write a paragraph. It's only a screenshot, nothing special about it. But at the same time we have this;

Sure at that point the whole thing had become a meme, but I went the effort to edit the photo more vibrant, more movie like, added debth-of.field and blur/sharpness. Spent nearly 30minutes on making the image look presentable here.

Yet it was removed because it was starting to become too much of a meme and was reported right away. Not because it was against the rules of this sub-reddit.

Nowhere in there is Bromageddon stating that it's against the RULES to post these things, which they are, but are clearly considered by the mod team case-by-case scenario.

This to me seems like too much work for the whole moderator team in this sub-reddit. Not only are you creating a grey area for these posts, but you also consider them case-by-case and doing that increases the ammount of people posting low-effort stuff. Because like I said front page posts set an example for people what is accepted.

I might be going too deep into this and will most likely create some heated discussion so I will opt NOT to reply ANYONE on this post. Let the discussion happen by those who have something to say about it and maybe see what the people think.

I think; we need another sub-reddit for low-effort posts. Simply because people will need an outlet for that stuff and IF it really is not allowed here it should be followed by the moderator team and not be considered case-by-case.

But I do understand if the moderator team is too small to handle this stuff accordinly and only moderate when needed. But for sure you should not rely on the community to moderate FOR you!

Thank you, I hope you read that with a mindset that I am not here to argue or be salty. Even if it seems that way.

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