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Weapon and Clutch Mechanics – My Notes from the Beta

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Weapon and Clutch Mechanics - My Notes from the Beta

I've been messing around in the Beta with all the weapons and keeping notes and I've got quite a collection now. Figured I'd share it for folks that are interested in reading about the new mechanics a little more. These are just general impressions, I'm not getting into specific MV's, durations, etc. I think other folks will do a better job of that than I would. I haven't gotten to LBG and HBG yet, I may tomorrow. I would keep an eye on channels like Phemeto if you're a gunner though, they will go into much more detail than I can (and have a much better grasp on how this will change the bowgun meta).

Here is the link to the doc:
edit?usp=sharing - Weapon and Clutch Mechanics - My Notes from the Beta

And here's an excerpt, my notes on the Clutch Claw:

  • You have five options when clutched on (I call it “clutch cling”): Weapon Attack, Claw Attack, Flinch Shot, Move, and Drop Down.

    • -Weapon Attack performs an attack with your weapon and breaks the cling.
    • -Claw Attack strikes with your claw. If you are at the monster’s head, this will force them to turn 45 degrees in the direction your body is facing. You will remain clinging.
    • -Flinch Shot expends all your loaded slinger ammo, breaks the cling, and forces the monster to stumble a long distance in the direction it is currently facing. If it collides with any obstacle (wall, big rock, cliff edge, even another monster), it will take damage and become knocked down.
    • -Move works similarly to moving while mounted, you move to a different point on the monster.
    • -Drop Down simply drops you off the monster. No actions are possible during the drop. If you have the Glider Mantle active, you instead fall into a glide and can take actions.
  • Works during enrage but you cannot control the monster when enraged (claw attack/flinch shot have no effect). Haven’t noticed diminishing returns on slamming monsters into walls, but they may exist (typically do in MH).

  • Player seems to take more damage during clutch cling? (Needs testing). Rocksteady can get you killed pretty easily.

  • Monsters have a new “special stagger” where they will be staggered for longer than normal, has a specific animation (head down and looking at the player for Tigrex). If clutched during this stagger, the monster will remain staggered for duration of clutch cling. CAN happen during enrage. Different than normal staggers which still happen.

  • You can aim and fire your clutch claw while falling, most relevant with Glider Mantle (can aim and fire while gliding). If you release a clutch cling, you simply fall to the ground (maybe with iframes? Needs testing) but with Glider Mantle you glide and can do attacks/clutch back on.

  • Flinch Shot applies effects of slinger ammo (Flash Pods will flash, Poison Knives apply poison, Thorn Pods apply thorn, etc.). However, crafted ammo (Flash Pods, Knives, etc.) will not cause the monster to flail in a direction. Only gathered ammo will. Seems to have same properties as Slinger Burst (damage #’s, changes to effects, etc.).

  • Clutch cling drains stamina very quickly. Using claw attack or changing position on monster drains set amounts of stamina. Marathon Runner and Constitution work normally (MR affects cling drain, Const. affects claw attack and moving). Cliffhanger gives 50% reduction to cost of moving (50% is cap so doesn’t stack with Const.).

  • If your stamina fully drains you will fall and be winded (un-cancelable animation).

  • You can cancel a regular mount into a clutch cling.

Take a gander at the doc if that looks like your kind of thing. Happy to hear any extra thoughts, insights, corrections. I'll add any tips or observations folks mention in the comments as well.

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