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Weapon changes in MHW: Were they really necessary?

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Wanted to preface by saying i've not posted here much since the release of world, so i apologize if this topic has been covered already.

I've been a GS main since 3u and i loved everything about the weapon: its raw power but also its precision, and the deep understanding of monster patterns required to master it.

When i played the MHW beta though, I noticed my usual playstyle of run and draw was lacking in power compared to other weapons. After a bit of tinkering with the new moves i found out that spamming true charge is a much more effective way to play the weapon now. This was made even more apparent by the fact that the shoulder charge move is an extremely powerful defensive option, and packs a good punch as well. From what i've gathered this is pretty much the GS meta in MHW.


And here lies my problem: why did the dev team felt the need to nerf the existing playstyle, that was so iconic to the weapon(hell, probably the entire series) and completely change the way it's played? I know i might come off as elitist here, but i really think this change was not needed, and it pushed me away from the weapon i had spent well over 2000 hours hunting with in previous titles. To my understading other weapons like the bow have changed playstyle quite a bit as well, but i'm no expert when it comes to gunner weapons.

With this post i hope to start a discussion: do you agree with the change in playstyle after so much time? Do you think it was needed to cater to a broader audience? How was your favorite weapon affected by the changes? And, most importantly, do you enjoy these new playstyles?

Let's all stay civil, and happy hunting!

(Btw, sorry for any broken english. It's not my first language.)

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