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Weapon Concept: Strike Spike

MonsterHunterWorld7 - Weapon Concept: Strike Spike

Visual Design: The weapon is light, one handed, and resembles a small lance, about in-between the size of SnS and CB's sword. It can sort of be thought of as a rapier.

The hunter would carry this weapon very low, holding their arm in front of their chest and their blade at their side.

What Niche Does This Fill?: The idea behind this weapon concept is to create a sort of unique approach to a SnS/Lance hybrid weapon, removing the shield to promote a different mindset and unique approach to the use of the R button.

This weapon would be very quick (favoring elements/status, and deal slash damage solely.

It's range would be only slightly longer than SnS.


Passive: This weapon uses slide side-steps after attacks as opposed to rolls.

R Button: Breaks into a quick sprint. Before readying for an evasive maneuver.

R Button during an unsheathed sprint: Instantly readies oneself for an evasive maneuver.

Triangle(1-3): Quickly stabs the foe in rapid succession, dealing light damage (16 MV).

Triangle (4): Ends the triangle combo with a slightly slower (but still very fast) jab. After the spike connects, a quick flash will occur, indicating a time to perform an evasive maneuver. (20 mv)

Circle (1): Takes a strong jab at the target, dealing alright damage. Upon connecting, this attack creates a flash, indicating a time for an evasive maneuver. (This applies to all circle attacks untill stated otherwise). (30 mv).

Triangle(1) >Circle: Takes a strong jab at the target, with an after image stab coming in after the attack connects. Opens up for evasive maneuvers. (30 + 15 mv).


Triangle(2) >Circle: Same as above, but with an additional after image. (30+15+15 mv).

Triangle(3) >Circle: Same as above, but with an additional after image for three extra hits in total. (30+15+15+15 mv).

Triangle + Circle: Rears back for a short moment before lunging forward, dealing okay damage. This skips the first strike in the triangle chain, and also creates an opening for evasive maneuvers. (25 mv).

/Evasive Maneuvers

After a small flash occurs during certain strikes, these moves can be used. The window for using these moves is very short, though. (.3 seconds).

Triangle: Slashes upwards very quickly while performing a backhop. Upon finishing the backhop, an opening for evasive maneuvers is created. (25 mv)

Circle: Hops back very quickly before lunging forward at high speeds, potentially skewering the foe multiple times based on their proximity. (30+10+10+10+10).

Dodge: Performs an extended evasive roll with increased iframes.

R Button: Performs a quick sprint before readying oneself for an evasive maneuver.

End Result: The idea here is to have a high speed weapon that really focuses on staying aggressive via quick strikes, and using the evasive maneuver's options to reposition in the opening is lost.

Hope I translated my thoughts to text well enough, and really hope you guys atleast enjoyed reading about one of my dream "what if that existed" weapons. Peace!

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