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Weapon Discussion: Switch Axe

MonsterHunterWorld10 - Weapon Discussion: Switch Axe

Hello fellow hunters, since Iceborne has been out for a month now, I want to know what other people think about the weapons. Anything relate to the specific weapon type is fine, what I mean is: what do you think about the moveset as a whole(comparison with previous games is welcome), weapon design, elemental vs raw, what sets do you use, must have skills, what would you change or dislike about it and so on. This is actually my first post so I'm kinda new to this, feel free to correct me. So I'm starting with my favourite, the switch axe and my opinion on it.


Despite being outshined by most of the weapons in World ever since I used it in MH3 i fell in love with the concept and play style. Two major addition in iceborne are the super overhead slash and the elemental discharge combo into zero sum discharge via clutch claw, about the first it's really a cool move with good damage and for the first time I'm actually using axe mode for damage and not as a cooldown for Sword mode, of course it's not strong as Sword mode but the mobility and range makes it viable for me. The clutch claw combo into zero sum discharge, wall slam or tenderizing parts: on this I have mixed feelings, it's cool and really strong but being stuck on the monster for so long sometimes is a ticket straight to cart land if you time it badly. On overall I like World's SA more than in older games, the only thing I would get rid of is the Super Amped state, it's nice to have the extra damage but now you have a lot to manage, keep monster parts weakened, super amped state and the powered state of the axe makes me feel like I have to keep them all up all the time. Now onto the weapon designs, we got 3 unique ice weapons,barioth,velkhana and legiana but for fire weapons? Only the Anjanath SA has a unique design but it actually feels like a generic bone weapon which is weird. Elemental vs raw, as of today I mainly use a full Silver rathalos set for the true elemental crit, one of my favourite sets on overall, for the SA i think both raw and elemental are viable and I guess SA is the only weapon that can reach 1000 as a value (true element being 100) also elemental phials charge super amped state faster than power phials which can be useful against agile monsters. Finally the skills, both evade extender and evade window ca be really useful since you don't want to sheat often with a SA being able to avoid damage and cover distance is key, power prolonger can also come in handy to keep the buffs on your weapon for longer, that's all I can think off, really hope to read your thoughts on the Switch Axe and maybe we can discuss other weapons in the future.

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