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(Weapon idea) gauntlet sword

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Many of us like to speculate and theory craft new additions to the monhun universe, me included. So today I present to you my idea: the gauntlet sword.

So what is a gauntlet sword? It's exactly what the name implies, it's a gauntlet, that transforms into a sword, but not just any sword, a gauntlet sword. Heres a quick video so show what real life gauntlet swords are, and how unappreciated they are in fantasy:

So how would this work? It starts off as a gauntlet, sword folded back along your arm, it does impact damage, has short range, it's attack speed is slightly higher than sns, and it's attacks have lots of sideways and forward mobility.

using the primary attack button (triangle on ps4) will perform attacks in gauntlet mode, while using the secondary attack button (circle) will perform attacks in sword mode, seamlessly switching between the two.

Sword attacks are wider, longer range, deal slashing damage, and have less mobility in their attacks, most of it being backwards.


In both gauntlet and sword mode you can fill a gauge. This gauge allows you to do alternate actions (rt/r2 on console)

This alternate action changes based on the button combo you press, R2/RT+primary attack will do a gauntlet based action, R2/RT+secondary attack will do a sword based action.

The gauntlet based action functions similarly to the foresight slash, you dodge out of the way of an attack and attach to the monster hitting it once for a large amount of damage(with a boosted element modifier).

The sword based action has you parry an attack from the monster, and get an aerial hit in with a mounting modifier similar to greatsword (though lacking in the damage). This parry would have similar strength to sns guard, meaning even with lvl 5 guard+ you'd still fail the counter on some of the harder attacks.

If you do an alternate action without specifying sword or gauntlet mode you will do a single powerful punch forward that hits twice, first with impact damage, then with a longer rage it does pierce damage as the sword plunges forward out of the gauntlet.

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