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MonsterHunterWorld4 - Weapon maining

This is a topic I've been wanting to touch upon for a while.

A lot of us hunters like maining a weapon be it getting attached to it or just because we like how satisfying it is that we get off our combos on them.

Now the topic I particularly wanted to put out here is how weapon maining can be a fun way to feel like an expert in this game. I'm not trying to start off a "which one is the best weapon to main or anything" but I just wanted to share why I love the weapons I main and why I main them. So for reference I main Longsword, Bow, Charge Blade, and most recently Lance.

Long Sword.

-I see this weapon as an introductory weapon. When I introduce people to the game this is my first recommendation on learning the game as it satisfy the need for combos, good enough dps and a simple move set to get you hooked in the game. Some people might say introduce them to SnS or Dual Swords but I've never really like those weapons. It's not that the're bad I just don't feel comfortable teaching something I'm not good at. I myself started with the LS as my starting weapon and it's what got me into the game for a long time. I used it as my comfort weapon when I was facing new monsters. I only use other weapons when I can hunt a monster comfortably with an LS.


-I mained bow after using LS. I came to a point where monsters would wall me and I couldn't get pass them so I started using the bow for fun and it turns out it would become my new comfort weapon or wall breaker for me. It also became my farm weapon. Sure it took a bit longer for me to hunt with a bow cause I did't really know how to min max the damage output on it but it got me through a hunt without carting once. It game a safe way to hunt monsters and also get through G-rank in MH3U. Also I play a lot of Pokemon so using a heavy element weapon such as the bow and LS gave me a sense that I was doing more damage with my elemental weapons. The way I use the bow is probably the most common way where I would spam the arc shots and rarely use charged shots. I stopped using the LS and Bow when I got to 4U basically because it felt off using the bow there where the added vertical aspect of the game gave me a hard time aiming the weapon. This is how I got introduced to the next weapon on my list.

Charge Blade


-The charge blade has given me a new lease on monster hunter. Playing MH especially solo felt boring to me at the point of MH4 since I didnt have my old hunting buddy with me. So I had to find a way to make it a bit interesting so I decided to use one of the two new weapons that got introduced in the game which was the CB. It gave me a satisfying blasting a monster with my Ultras and the weapon felt so fluid with it's combos. The charge blade will and always will be my favorite weapon even if I main other weapons and even if people would say I hunt better with a bow. If I had to play the game over and over again and was asked not to change weapons I would always choose to play the CB. Mastering Guard points was a bitch and hunting my least favorite monster the Diablos(I hate this monster cause I spent 2 months grinding it for a majestic horn In Portable 3rd and didnt get it at all) I have mastered the diablos' moveset due to me grinding it for parts so it was the best playground to practice guard pointing and to this day I may not be a master at it but I have been able to Guard point monster attacks 80-90 percent of the time that's just a rough estimate it could be lower but I am sure its not lower that 70 percent. Sadly in Generations(I made a post on how I dont really like Gen or Gen Ultimate and I forgot to mention this next part in that) They changed or nerfed the cb making it less fluid in my opinion the shortcuts to axe mode and ultras were gutted out and Im left having to switch between the two modes manually which makes the weapon feels slow. Sure the CB needed the nerf cause it was too strong in 4U but I guess that's one of the reasons I liked it in that game. Side note this weapon in world is FANTASTIC. Both as a weapon and it's aesthetics.


-Last but not the least the lance. Side story to this I used the lance before in the old games but I never really liked it but I fell in love with this weapon in World. The front hop really made it feel like a better weapon. It made guard lancing a sticky son of a bitch due to you just hoping forward or shield advancing. I pity the monster that has to deal with a hunter constantly stabbing it at the sides and charging at it. The lance is just a different kind of beast in world. It might not be the flashiest weapon out there but you would be a fool not to try it out at least once (just my opinion not trying to call anyone stupid or anything) but yeah.

I think almost everyone has a story on their main weapons or the weapon they love and I would like to read some of yours so if you would like just comment on some of the reasons you like the weapon and hey I might get some insights to learn them and get a new weapon to add to my list of weapons I like using.

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