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Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Great Sword

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Great Sword

Hopefully the recent Alatreon hunt doesn't color the perspective of this particular wishlist, cause I came up with this stuff far before Alatreon was announced. I've just been doing stuff like prepping for college again, so yeah.

Either way, I hope you like the ideas I came up with.

As always with these, my sections:

  • Neglected/Overcentralizing Moves
  • Small QoL suggestions
  • Bigger mechanic changes
  • New moves

Technically the mechanic changes are on a per move basis. You'll see.

Neglected/Overcentralizing Moves

  • True Charged Slash

What I think is the pinnacle of overcentralized moves. It seems most of the Great Sword's moveset is overshadowed based on this move. The inclusion of the Slinger Burst combos only exacerbated the situation. I think just making it slightly weaker when not charged to max or having a slightly longer ending animation will be enough to make it more committal. Really, most of what I'll be doing is buffing the unappreciated moves to make this less overcentralizing without breaking it.

  • Tackle

Tackle causes Great Sword to care less about positioning and more about countering monsters in its current state. It also creates many shortcuts to TCS while also being invulnerable. While I think it has a place, the fact it cycles through the levels of charged slash is a bit much. I think having it loop through the same level repeatedly similar to the current Side Blow and Wide Slash will be enough to deemphasize TCS as much while emphasizing the first two levels more.

  • Side Blow

While this got some love with the new Slinger Burst shortcuts, the fact remains that the move itself isn't that impressive, especially with Tackle taking its place as the better way to stun monsters with GS. I think having Side Blow give a bit of forward positioning even when using it between Charged Slashes can make it a good microspacing tool. It also should be able to combo into the next charged slash level instead of looping into the same one, therefore taking a bit of Tackle's original power to it.

  • Rising Slash

Other than sending allies flying for mounts, this move has no purpose. I thought about the best way to rework it, and I think fitting with Great Sword's niche of charged moves, this move also gets three levels of charge. Not only can you use Tackle out of it while charging like everything else, it should also slide you forward, similar to the Ground Slash Hunter Art in MHGU. The longer the charge, the greater the distance traveled forward. You can also upgrade charged slash levels afterwards, again giving back what Tackle lost a bit.

  • Wide Slash, Strong Wide Slash

Okay, I've suggested this at points in the past, but these two moves should hit many times throughout the swing. This will allow them to be the elemental moves in Great Sword's arsenal, finally giving elemental GS a good purpose, while also changing the way they play to boot, similar to Savage Axe mode causing CB to have two prevailing styles of gameplay.


So both Wide Slash and Strong Wide Slash would also be chargeable, and instead of increasing the power of the hit, charging would increase the amount of hits that attack does, while also increasing the element/status modifiers. In a sense, this is the second charged slash set Great Sword has. Basically any time I mentioned going "up a charged slash level" will work with the Wide Slashes as well as the Charged Slashes.

As a final bonus, to make sure both playstyles at least can use the other charged slash type for some good damage, just like Strong Charged Slash into Strong Wide Slash retains the charge level, any Charged/Wide Slash into the opposite one will retain charge level. Some examples:

Charging: Wide Slash Lvl 3 -> Charged Slash Lvl 3 (w/o charging) -> Charging: Strong Wide Slash Lvl 2 -> Strong Charged Slash Lvl 2 (w/o charging)

Charging: Charged Slash Lvl 2 -> Wide Slash Lvl 2 (w/o charging) -> Charging: Strong Charged Slash Lvl 3 -> Strong Wide Slash Lvl 3 (w/o charging) -> Charging: True Charged Slash Lvl 1

As you can see, this gives far more options for damage windows for both element and raw builds.

As a final bonus, in order to equalize Crit Draw builds that want to utilize Wide Slash rather than Charged Slash, Wide Slash should be able to be used from Guard. This way, Guarding then immediately Wide Slashing should be a seamless way to unsheathe then charge up a good elemental crit draw hit.

New Moves

  • True Wide Slash: The final Wide Slash. Chargeable. Charging it increases the number of hits and status/element modifiers. Has a small hit before the full attack similar to True Charged Slash. Hitting this will power up the move, increasing the element/status modifiers and upping the damage. Can be comboed from Slinger Burst, Strong Wide Slash, and Strong Charged Slash. Cannot be comboed into anything else and has a long ending animation, similar to True Charged Slash.

You should've expected this from my insistence on the Wide Slashes being the "elemental set" of charging slashes for Great Sword. Now it has the third and final immensely powerful version. The ideal amount of damage dealt is something like 1.5x the amount of elemental damage a Dual Blades Blade Dance can dish out, which I think is around the expected ballpark range of damage Great Sword should do for such a big hit.

But just like TCS can't be comboed into anything else, TWS is the same. Still, this should solidify my idea for Great Sword to finally comfortably make elemental builds that actually change the way you play while also being good! 😀

Feel free to comment. Check out my other threads if you want.

  • Hunting Horn
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Charge Blade
  • Heavy Bowgun

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