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Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Heavy Bowgun

MonsterHunterWorld9 - Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Heavy Bowgun

So I did a thread on the Hunting Horn that predictably barely anyone saw, but why stop now? Like I said, I would go through my main weapons, and as you can guess from my flair, HBG is my favorite in this game. And yet, I still have a lot to talk about. Sections are the following:

  • Neglected/Overcentralizing Moves
  • Small QoL suggestions
  • Bigger mechanic changes
  • New moves

Neglected/Overcentralizing Moves

I will be considering ammo types as individual moves for this.

  • Normal 1, 2, 3

For being one of the three "main" ammo types, this type sure gets no love from Capcom, and considering Normal 3 is actually weaker than Spread 2 and potentially weaker than Pierce 1, it feels nearly deliberate, and I personally find deliberately making a huge part of a weapon's moveset weaker appalling. I have a bigger suggestion for later, but for now, I would just up the motion value of all three by a LOT. Maybe even increase the part break multiplier.

  • Spread 3

The lower two levels are kinda fine, but 3 is FAR too strong in my eyes, and it is probably quite known to most here who don't even play HBG that a Spread 3 HBG with low recoil and a shield can trivialize the game very easily. Lowering the damage and lowering the part break multiplier to stop endless staggering should be more than enough, because without the shield being as strong as a Lance shield, this wouldn't get nearly as abusable.

  • Shield Mod

Speaking of, what the actual hell were they thinking? Making the shield potentially as strong as a Lance shield is terrible for the game. But I understand the mod system needs to have you able to stack multiple of one mod to be more creative, so I would just make it so the strongest shield you can get is non guard point Charge Blade level, which is middle of the road and should make dodging monster attacks rather than just taking them a bigger priority. This combined with the Spread nerf I mentioned should be more than enough to level them out with the rest of the HBG's kit.

  • Sticky 1, 2, 3

Really, the problem with Sticky ammo spam is less about the damage itself or the stun, but the fact that it ignores hitzone values. Capcom made a lot of the newer monster's shot hitzones pretty crappy in order to, at least in my eyes, make gunning more about shooting the right specific body part that is usually out of reach or hard to consistently get to, bringing some skill back into the weapons after their hefty (and imo completely warranted) mobility, aiming, and usability buffs from the old world games.

Too bad players can just spam sticky mines and ignore everything about weak spots and aim. Since stickies are the designated stunning ammo, I wouldn't change the stun values. Nor the damage. Instead, just make them not ignore hitzone values. Hell, you could even increase the damage again as long as people are required to aim it. Now they have a specific purpose again and aren't the missing third "main" ammo type that Normal is supposed to be.

  • Dragon Ammo

This ammo baffles me. Why is it how it is? Why not just have it be like the other elemental ammos? I personally would just change it to be like the others and create a new ammo that acts the same instead of having one of the five elemental ammos just act completely differently for no reason.

  • Exhaust 1, 2

Really, these ammos are kinda worthless against most high tier monsters simply because they dont have stamina pools to drain. However, the staggering effect should probably be built on to make them a stagger ammo for teammates and yourself to use. Though they might have to be FAR more valuable to shoot and have more powerful exhaust to ensure you can predict when they will stagger, but this is potentially better than what we have right now.

  • Demon and Armor ammos

I get these are very specialized ammos, but can they not require demondrug and armorskin to craft? Why not Might and Adamant Seeds instead? Also, the duration should be longer and the projectile should have far more range. Also also, they need to stack with the other Might/Adamant buffs so they aren't worthless to use in most circumstances. Lastly, more capacity to allow you to not have to waste precious time lining up a piercing shot to hit multiple teammates.


Small QoL suggestions

  • Allow the player to control the trajectory of the hunter after flying from the clutch claw attack

This is more a universal thing that should be done, but more than any other weapon, HBG is subject to the "get hit by attack after doing clutch attack" more than any other weapon in my experience due to the amount of time it takes. Just some more control over where we fly to should be enough.

  • Allow the player to manually extract empty special ammo canisters rather than automatically doing it when they are empty.

Seriously, who thought having the hunter have to automatically take out the special ammo after you used it without ANY player input was a good idea?

  • Allow player to roll while in Wyvernsnipe prone position.

Again, this is only fair, especially considering the high amount of time to get up when not aiming in third person anymore.

  • Have the Special Scope fine tuning not require using the movement stick or mouse.

I play on PC, and Special Scope for me is Q + mouse drag. While this is convenient, more often than I'd like, the mouse drag aspect causes me to lose my aim, which is the LAST thing you want while in special scope. I'm sure people who play with controller can relate at least a bit.

Bigger mechanic changes

  • Make Special Scope a normal move rather than a mod.

Ever since I saw the potential of the special scope, I thought of why it was a mod and not a normal thing the HBG has. Maybe to balance it, the super critical distance can give less of a damage buff, but the fact that even when the scope mod is equipped, you don't want to equip it all the time is credence that it would just be an extra option rather than a straight buff. Maybe to specialize it more, it should give damage buffs mostly to further ranged attacks rather than even close range ones (yet another small spread nerf in case the two above aren't enough, as well as a normal and pierce buff).

  • Normal ammos should have a huge raw damage and part break bonus when hitting weak spots naturally a la Weakness Exploit (but not extra affinity).

To make Normal more unique, it could be the designated "weak spot sniper" type of ammo, where if you are able to hit weak spots, you will do not only huge bonus damage, but also extra part break. Would bring pure aim back to the weapon I think. Note that with this suggestion, my prior suggestion of a straight damage buff would not be needed in order to punish players who don't aim for the weak spots with a bigger damage differential.

Personally, I think a 1.6x modifier in MV and part break should be MORE than enough. This will make the MV for the current normal ammo 16, 32, and 54 respectively when hitting a weak spot. For reference, Spread is 18, 45, and 56 respectively, but without having to aim at a specific spot and without the massive part break bonus.

New moves

  • Elemental Spread ammo

While this was done in part with the innate ammo mechanic in Generations and MHGU, that was too limited to me. With spread having a lot of individual attacks, it would work very well as an elemental ammo type, especially for HBG which currently has no way to accelerate its attack speed for elemental ammos over LBG. And like I mentioned with HH in the last thread like this, elemental has historically been a problem for HBG, so this should bridge that gap without needing to make the weapon itself a "rapid hitting" weapon.

  • Siege Mode

But forget what I said, because we NEED siege mode back to allow rapid firing artillery at the enemy. Make it more intuitive and able to be rolled out of so it's used in more than just downs. Of course it would be specific to each HBG which ammos would be siege mode compatible, but having the ability to just gun down the monster like this would add a new layer to the weapon.

Well that's that. Check out the other thread if you want.

  • Hunting Horn

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