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Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Hunting Horn

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Weapon Tweak Wishlist: Hunting Horn

So, after getting into the minutiae of a lot of different weapons, as well as some weird gripes I have with each (some more than others), I wanted to compile my ideas for each weapon in a series of posts. IDK why anyone would read my no doubt stupid suggestions, but maybe the mains of each weapon could potentially relate and maybe even… like… some of my suggestions? I'll try to go into categories:

  • Neglected moves
  • Small QoL suggestions
  • Bigger mechanic changes
  • New moves

Note that not all weapons will have all categories. Like I said, some weapons I have less gripes with.

The first four will be my main weapons, since I know them the most, and we'll start with Hunting Horn.

Neglected Moves

  • Left Swing

Both left and right swing are rather similar in total animation time. However, the left swing's hitbox comes out significantly slower than the right swing. So why the hell is its motion value LESS? (22 for left, 27 for right)

Simple change. Swap the two moves' motion values to actually make left swing a good neutral move.

  • Forward Recital (not comboed)

As any seasoned horn player knows, doing this recital without comboing into anything is the hallmark of a novice horn player, simply because all recitals do the same damage, but this one takes half of a dog's lifetime to actually come out compared to the neutral recital. If they made it do more damage, then I can see it being fine as a more committal, but rewarding, alternative to the neutral recital.

  • Left, Right, and Backward Recitals

So they added these "fade slash" like recitals in World and buffed their speed in Iceborne, but I think the biggest problem with them is simply the time between the hunter attacking and them setting up for the song. That and the middling distance. Just make them give more distance in the direction you want, and make the hunter play the song faster so you can either choose to roll out or control your hunter while playing much faster.

  • Left and Right Encores

Same problem with the three neglected recitals. Just not enough distance traveled. The damage is fine though.

Small QoL

  • Allow for Encores to be done right after Recitals without having to do the song

This small change would allow for Encore based action to be a bit more favorable in conjunction with the now domineering Echo Wave attack. Simply after you do a recital, when you would do the song, you instead go right into an Encore. Of course, since you didn't play the song the first time, after the Encore, playing the song will only count as you playing it once, so you'll still want to use recitals to play songs regardless.

  • Some way to do any note off a draw attack or jumping draw attack

I know the usual draw attack of the forward slam is a specific note, but having to do the long unsheathe animation just to start with another note and not mess up your note string is kinda annoying. Either have the draw attack just not do the note, or allow any of the three note button combos to draw attack to that specific note (though this might require some extra work to make sure button prompts don't overlap).

  • Allow for multiple notes to be played off of a clutch claw attack or mounting attack finisher

Like the flourish, these two attacks should allow for the player to have an opportunity to play notes during each swing. With the mounting attack, if on the head, you can do four notes in a row, and anywhere else, you can do three. This will basically allow you to queue up almost any song you want for free before downing the monster. As for clutch claw, you can do two, since there are two individual hits. Still very useful, and gives a bit of a bonus for the horn's extremely slow clutching attack.

Bigger mechanic changes

  • Remove all straight damage buff songs (increase motion values across the board to compensate)

This is probably my most controversial horn opinion full stop, but the prevalence of Atk Up L being basically needed for a competitive horn at all, it automatically makes a lot of horns that would usually be fine to just not be used because everyone wants the attack up and sees that as the most important song, because it pretty much always is. Better to just get rid of it and buff the horn itself to compensate as if it always has Atk Up L, since it's clear that the horn's current MVs are balanced around having Atk Up L.

The only thing lost is giving Atk Up L to other allies, but I suspect that the reason Capcom is hesitant on making the horn do too much damage is specifically because of this. But without it, along with all other damage buff only songs like Elemental attack up, they can make other songs more appealing and interesting. And with the inclusion of Echo Songs, that alone can create some wacky ways to beat down a monster or assist the team.

  • Recitals and Encores do one shockwave per note that the song they are going to play has (e.g. reciting a three note song will give three shockwaves, the encore will do three shockwaves per individual swing, etc.)

This potentially can be a bit too powerful, but they could easily nerf the shockwave MV and stun/exhaust to compensate. The reason for this is to give more usable multi hit moves to elemental horns instead of solely relying on echo wave for the big elemental damage. And considering Horn has historically had less than valuable elemental damage ability, I think this would be a good start. Plus, it would reward a player for queuing up longer four note songs instead of spamming the two note self improvement just for recital damage.

New Moves

  • Something similar to the Sonic Smash hunter art from MHGU, where you do up to three giant slow swings that each play a song automatically with a huge shockwave that goes along with them.

Something I noticed in World is every weapon has some sort of "super move" added that alludes to the hunter arts of the previous game. Every one except Horn, and I think having something similar to the Sonic Smash (except actually good) would be very appropriate. Of course, it would be much stronger when you queue up three songs, since it will do a stronger swing for every song, but it will also automatically play the song along with a big shockwave like the Sonic Smash's sonic wave at the end, but for each swing.

The downside is of course it would be super slow and heavily committal, but maybe being able to roll between each swing would be fine, as long as the first swing of this move is weak enough to not overshadow the other fine moves you could use. Really, this move should only be used when you have three songs ready, and all of them are four notes for maximum damage.

Well, that's that. I know this is inevitably pointless, but it's still fun to both vent and potentially give suggestions on both current issues, and new ideas.

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