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Went for a trip down memory lane and did some MHG online!

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To prep for the release of MHGU, I thought I'd fire up my 3DS and see what sort of state my armor and weapons were in. I wouldn't want to be unprepared for G Rank, after all! I quickly put together a set (planning on Seditious Edge with Silver Rath mail + Hayabusa Feather, with WE, Evade Extender, Crit Boost, and Critical Eye +2). Quickly realized I don't have singleplayer Silver Rathalos unlocked yet. No worries, just gotta do a handful of Villager Requests to grind out Kokoto points. After taking 47 minutes to get 3 White Livers, I thought I'd try something more stimulating to cleanse my palate; I had a Blangonga Guild quest request and thought I'd try and see if I could get it done quickly online. Time for some classic Monster Hunter online play!! It will be just as good as I remember it… right?

First quest, someone posted a Dreadking quest. Old school rules, amirite?? Gotta wait your turn! The room's host took 10-15 minutes to accept the quest and queue, while they occasionally said things in chat (typed, not default). Me and the other hunter were getting our ass whupped by the Dreadking as the room's host stood motionless in one area that the Rathalos didn't enter. They just didn't follow us after the first area change. No response when I was chasing the Dreadking through that area and I kicked them a few times in frustration. The Dreadking Rathalos was starting to look pretty rough when the other hunter carted a second time (they were doing better than me damage-wise I think, I am not used to the game's pace just yet but I thought I'd be fine with backup) the room's host finally rushed in to save the day…! Just kidding. They carted almost immediately and we failed. I cussed them out in the lobby and they only said that they were busy and they had a life. I have no idea what the fu*k they were trying to do. Were they trying to get carried through the fight? Were they using someone else's save file? They had Dreadking armor and a higher HR than me on so I thought they were okay. I'm still a little floored at how that happened.


Second quest, as I was cussing out Mr. Hollywood, someone came in offering to carry anyone through a quest. Skeptical, I posted the Blangonga quest I had come in to do. They joined as I cursed the host for the last time. I figured it would be fine to duo with a stranger even if they weren't as good as they presented themselves as, they had a >100HR and it was just a 5*. Hunt was going well, but then they said "bye" or something and left in the middle of the damn fight. I was able to finish it off myself thankfully.

Anyway. I think that completely obliterated any nostalgia I had for old school style online. World ain't perfect but it sure is playable in comparison. I'm aware I probably just got unlucky, but jeeze.

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