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We’re not the bad guys.

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There has been a lot of people saying that, since we're killing stuff, we might actually be the bad guys, and I'm here to tell you that, no, AT WORST, we're just "guys" doing necessary things, but I'd say we're some of the better living creature in the world of MoHun.

Let's say, one of the least hostile creature, the Mizutsune, a soapy fox. It's lives mostly peacefully in the mountain, hunting when it's need food. It's all good, right? One of the quest where we've been asked to hunt it was saying that its soap poisoned a river, killing tons of fish, and the livelihood of a nearby village, a small ecological disaster.

Pukey Pukey? Poisoning an ecosystem, with literal poison this time.

Let's not talk about bigger monster with some predatory behaviour that just wreck things because it can, sometime by dropping bombs all over the place, when it's not eating whatever it come accross. (Bazelgeuse, Deviljho?)

Why not talk about elders dragon?

Kirin bring thunderstorm with it, wherever it goes, Daora, tornadoes, but still, less tornadoes than amatsumagatsuchi (brought tornadoes over a whole continent, worse than a natural disaster, and it keeps going as long as it is alive or pissed for whatever reason).


But those are still in the little league, let's talk about the big boys!

Shagaru magala, who makes every other creature mad and overly aggressive, just because it breathe; Lao shan lung and Dalamadur, who can just turn a mountain into a canyon, because they are passing by.

And I've been hearing that because we've killed Xeno'Jhiva when it has just been born, we've done something awful? You read about all those monsters I've wrote about, just above?

Xeno'Jhiva pushed them to leave all their "natural" habitat, to all gather at one place. It would've have done some unimaginable damage, way beyond what we could picture. And that was before it was born. 20 seconds out in the world, it starts firing lasers.

Besides the natural culling the hunters are paid to do, they have saved so many lives by stopping "Living natural disaster" (description of the Alatreon).

Not only we're not the bad guys, but we're damn heroes that stop the end of the world every day, and twice on Sunday.

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