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What all the Elemental Variants in Monster Hunter Explore do.

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Flaming Rathalos (Fire) = Silver Rathalos with bigger fireballs, no poison and sets you on fire with all attacks.

Frozen Barioth (Ice) = More powerful tornados. Tornados leave purple ice crystals on the ground, walk on them and you'll get Poison and Snowman.

Immortal Zinogre (Thunder) = Charges up instantly and has homing paralyzing balls like Stygian. Can heal itself.

Scorchingheat Rathian (Fire) = Basically a Gold Rathian. Whichever part of her body burns the brightest leaves black, poisonous flames on the ground.

Virulent Gigginox = Instead of the poison gas attack has a water attack. Uses a SUPER DEADLY poison. No Giggi eggs.

Fiercewater Nargacuga (Water) = Spikes fly in different formations and remain on the ground, causing Bleed. Arm swipes have longer reach. Tailslam is followed by a pressurized water AoE.


Explosivepeak Duramboros (Earth) = Rust Duramboros with some fire attacks and stronger tremors. Can enter an "eruption mode" where it turns dark with more and more lava over it as time goes on. If you don't stagger it out of said mode, it'll do a flying tailslam followed by a massive, nigh unavoidable lava wave AoE.

Iceblast Brachydios = Explosions create slippery ice patches on the ground. Can inflict Snowman and Blastblight at the same time. Can create a huge ice patch with Explosive Mould-filled ice crystals at the edges. These act as proximity bombs, detonating if you get too close.

Thunderemperor Kirin (Thunder) = Has more powerful lightning. More attacks cause paralysis compared to normal Kirin. Teleports.

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