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What are the best designed and worst designed monsters game play wise?

MonsterHunterWorld9 - What are the best designed and worst designed monsters game play wise?

I'm not talking about designs, I'm talking more about fighting them and their general mechanics overall. here's mine:

BEST: Diablos, this thing has been my arch nemesis since day 1 in most of the games. He always shows up at the worst times, usually as a required urgent quest (I'M LOOKING AT YOU FOUR HORNS). To this day, the quest "four horns" remains the most memorable quest. I hate the diablos, but it's a monster I love to hate. Every time he hits me it feels fair, and ever since the first game, really made me play my best to overcome it. I like a monster that is relatively difficult, but also fair. And as aggravating as previous experiences were, it felt more skill based.


Worst: Nearly every giant elder dragon ever, I know this is sort of a cop out, but I usually don't like most of these fights and it's been a problem since the beginning. Lao shan lung, ceadus, shen gaoren, etc. all these have one thing in common, they're boring. With other fights, it's a lot about skill, these seem time gated and played out, it's usually a lot of waiting and I don't feel like I'm doing much. It sucks too because a lot of these monsters look really cool and threatening, I just don't like their fights.


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